Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Commit to Sit Challenge

I've written about this before, the Commit to Sit Challenge that first appeared in Tricycle magazine in 2007.  You can find the full article online and I have a pdf file of it.

But I am thinking about it a little differently.  My mother has been trying to be more mindful and has struggled with it, mostly because she's trying to do it all day long rather than building up to it gradually.  (There are other reasons which I could explain but I'm supposed to be sitting with my leg elevated so I'm trying to be succinct.)

How would you personalize the Commit to Sit Challenge?

  • Would you repeat the Jesus prayer or memorize a psalm?  Or repeat a rosary?
  • Would you read aloud from the Qur'an, which is how it was first shared?
  • Would you spend time in silent yoga practice or pranayama practice (not necessarily silent)?
  • Would you do what the article prescribes and sit in silent meditation?
  • Would you do what my mother will be doing and do a mindfulness practice?
  • What about writing in a journal or giving yourself Reiki (or some other self-healing)?

I've suggested this to my mother, that we read again this wonderful article and put it into practice in the way it most meets our unique needs at this time in our lives.

I am inviting you to join us.  Beginning July 1st I will be embracing this challenge in a way that best fits my needs. I won't reveal in what form this will take.  I want to meditate on it some more.  Yes, there is some irony in this but I am not being intentionally ironic.

If you will be joining me, I'd love the accountability, someone (or even a few someones) with whom to share the experience, including the frustrations and surprises.  Yes, I realize my mother is already going to do this with me as she did the first time but, just between the two of us, she apparently only read part of the article and only did some of what it suggested.  This amused me at the time and it amuses me now.  (I have a smile on my face at the moment even thinking of it.)  This time, however, I thought it might be fun to have a group of like-minded people who are open to doing this in a way that suits them.  I think it would be lovely to have several people doing it in different ways but with similar intentions.

Apparently there is now a book available as well.  I haven't read it but I'm sure it expands beautifully on the original premise.  And you can, of course, purchase a back issue of the magazine in which the challenge originally appeared.  Or just follow the link to read the article online.  Whatever works best for you.

Leave a comment if you plan to join me.  Or email me.


  1. i think ill look into this...it sounds like an interesting premise...i may very well join you in trying this out.

  2. Wonderful wonderful wonderful.

    I'll probably post a reminder or two between then and now as I come to terms with what I am going to do. It isn't that I don't have anything in mind but, as usual, I simply have too many things in mind and need to narrow it all down a bit.

  3. We are quite interested in this. Been feeling a call to try a retreat, this may work perfect. Troy is awake so I don't have a chance to read this fully until tonight, I want to be sure this is something we can fully commit to. Will get back to you.

  4. Patches, One of the things I've been encouraging everyone to consider is what form their personal meditation will take. I have a friend who was forced to sit and chant when she was a teenager and the very thought of seated meditation appalls her. For her I am hoping she will choose journaling as her form of practice for the challenge. My mother is wanting to develop her mindfulness practice so she is going to spend the time mindfully moving from task to task. Although the article is focused on traditional meditation, including walking meditation, I invited one Christian friend to consider repeating the Jesus prayer or a psalm as her way of sharing in the experience.

    But with a toddler in the house, such things can be more of a challenge. Not impossible, though. Nothing is ever really impossible.

  5. I'm intrigued by what you say about not needing to use mediation as the form of mindfulness. I am wondering about the neccesity of committing to just one form.

    I"m not sure what form I will use. Between naptime and after bed I can commit to this. With one exception-- the fourth weekend challenge asks for a full day.. That I just cannot do. Still I think I will do this.

  6. Patches, I can't imagine trying to do a whole day with a toddler in the house. Unless you could find someone to take him from you for the day . . . but that seems a bit excessive. The truth is, I'm not even sure I can give a whole day to meditation, whatever form I choose. And I don't have a little one with whom to contend. No. I have a husband. And two dogs. But I may surprise myself and manage to do something that will work for one and all. We'll see. I'm certainly not making any decisions at the moment. I mean, yes, I'll do this but what form it will take is still undecided.

    I'm so pleased you are going to try this and I hope that knowing I'll be doing it too, along with some others, will help support you when it feels less easy.

  7. I think knowing others are doing this will help for sure. nOt just when it is less easy, but to talk about the exprerience with as well.

    I need to read closely the entire article. I've a few ideas on how I want to use it.

  8. I'll definitely be posting about it here in my blog but I may also send out an email to some people. It will depend on whether or not I have a person's email address. I believe I have yours so no worries there!