Monday, June 27, 2011

Countdown to Commit to Sit (aka the 1st of July)

In a few days I'll be doing the Commit to Sit challenge again.  I've done this before but this time I want to try it from a different perspective.  I had some interesting "coincidences" occur to help me make a final decision about my personal Commit to Sit direction.

For instance, this article that was linked in an email I received this morning, "I Like it . . . but is it Meditation?: An Appreciation of Every Day Mindfulness" by Barry Evans.  A quick skim and you'll see that Evans has a traditional meditation practice but he considers other rituals in his life a part of his meditation practice.

Sort of like my encouraging you to choose a practice that fits your spiritual needs, don't you think?

I also found this article and wanted to share it:  "Seekers Explore Alternative Paths to God"

For those who are already thinking about joining me but haven't chosen how you will do the challenge, whether you will do precisely what the article prescribes or branch out in your own spiritual direction, one that fits your unique needs.

There's truly no right way to do this.  Think of the article as a "formula" and how you apply the practice to your own life is not something you can do right or wrong so long as it is right for you.

And for those who are reading this without a clue, read this post to do a quick catch up.  I do hope you will join me.  I'll be sharing more about what I'll be doing soon.  In the meantime, at least consider the possibility for yourself if you haven't already decided that yes, this is something that is interesting to you.  (Or even if you've immediately thought it sounded like a miserable idea altogether.  I mean, not everyone wants to explore these things and certainly not on my timetable.)

We begin on 1 July, only a few days away.


  1. just finalizing today how we will do this for ourselves.

  2. Good articles. They confirmed for me that it is okay, even good to mix formal meditation with something more tailored to us.

  3. I was juggling three possibilities and the other day I had a "coincidence" confirm which of the three I should choose. I'll have to modify as well because it would be uncomfortable for me to do this practice for an entire day or even for an extended period of time. I'll accommodate my spiritual needs to fulfill the commitment but also meet me where I am.