Saturday, June 11, 2011


I have been nursing a hurt knee for days now.  Sitting at the desk is against doctor's strict orders but when did I ever follow orders?  Well, mostly I have been which is why this blog has been so silent.  I had thought that I could share some of the leaps of video I follow in a blog post but that would require some time so here's what I am listening to while I type this.  This girl's voice . . . amazing.

Maybe by this time next week my knee will have improved and I will take you on a magical musical tour of how I move around in youtube and find surprises.  In the meantime . . . picture me, lying around, leg elevated (right leg, to be precise), reading a book or cross-stitching and being oh-so-submissive.


  1. Sorry about your knee hun. I have a bad one myself so I can relate. On another note I love Flyleaf.

  2. Misery loves company, I suppose, but I'd rather not have anyone I know, even virtually, deal with a bum knee.

    And Flyleaf is pretty amazing. I have an autographed cd which is on dsiplay with the other autographed cds we have around here.

  3. I saw Flyleaf perform in...06. I think it was 06. No wait...Yeah it was 06. At the Gwinette Arena. They were the opening act for the Music as a Weapon tour that year. I actually went to see Stone Sour. I later fell in love with another opening act that I caught the last song of which was Nonpoint. I have to say, I like their singles but the performance wasn't memorable. It could be because I was there to see someone else though. : )

  4. I hate it when I go to a show and am disappointed in an artist's performance, even if I don't particularly like a performer, I expect to enjoy the concert simply on the basis of being surrounded by the "energy" of the crowd.