Thursday, July 21, 2011

Quote of the Day

Me:  If you’d stop interrupting me, you’d give me a chance to say what you just said.
Rob:  If you’d stop trying to say something, you wouldn’t have to say it anyway.

At this point, I looked at him incredulous at what I'd heard and we both started laughing to the point where he was crying.

Rob:  Stop laughing.  I'm making you cry.
Me:  You're making yourself cry, you mean.

So clearly, Rob can speak for me but he can't cry for me because at this point I started laughing harder until tears came out of my eyes too.


  1. that was a priceless and youtube worthy spectacle im sure

  2. I told Rob later that if he didn't make me laugh so much I'd probably punch him for some of the things he says.

  3. No doubt I've already done worse many a time.