Monday, July 25, 2011

State of the Satia Address

Here is where and how things stand for me.

1)       My knee continues to be a source of pain and discomfort.  I injured it in early June and although I saw my doctor about it in early July, here I am nearly two months later still waking up in the middle of the night with sharp stabbing pains because I had the audacity to move my leg in my sleep.  I am following doctor’s orders—only doing 15 mins on the bike at level 1, taking my 3 doses of 800mgs ibuprofen a day, and icing my knee about 2 hours a day.  Shouldn’t I be pain free by now?  I think so.  My knee, however, begs to differ.
2)      Last week I committed myself to a new daily schedule which I hoped would allow me to devote some time to the necessary (job search, working on the newsletter, housework) and the essential (my personal writing).  One week later, I’m making some progress and feeling optimistic that this new plan is going to be a keeper, with a few issues to be ironed out as I go along.  For now, I am making no changes because I want to let it become a habit before tweaking it into perfection.
3)      Due to my knee (see 1 above), sitting beyond 20 minutes is pretty unbearable.  It was already frustrating because I could not sit in my usual meditation position and although reclining felt less painful it also invited me to fall asleep.  Which I did.  (I even cat nap while icing my knee which I do in 20 minute sessions top and bottom thrice a day so if I can nod off in less than 20 mins . . . well, you can imagine what I can do in 30 or more minutes.)  So the Commit to Sit challenge has been pretty much a bust for me.  A disappointing bust.  When I am no longer dealing with the pain in my knee, I plan on doing the commit to sit challenge as I had initially intended but I am not going to beat myself up for not fulfilling it at this time.
4)      I’ve been busy writing bits and pieces of my life which I hope to organize into a gift for my children.  I’m not thrilled with the output but I try to make time for some writing every day (see 2 above).  This past weekend, however, I devoted myself to the reading of someone else’s manuscript which was a mistake on my part because I gave so much of myself to another person’s writing, I did not make time for my own.  Again, I am not going to beat myself up over it but I hope that by the end of August I have managed to get into such a habit of writing daily, I won’t be so easily distracted from doing it.

And there you go.  The State of the Satia Address.  I’m here and trying to get things done.  Maybe I’ll even find a way to work around the pain and manage to blog occasionally.  


  1. I completely empathize about the knee. I have a 4% disability in my left one after 400 lbs of equipment fell on me 3 years ago...that translates to it hurts all the time and they can't correct it. Hopefully, you will be able to manage it and you can re-start your challenge.

  2. Rob and I have the same GP and today he totally narc'd me out. Apparently, when one has a hurt knee one should not be doing 90-100 rpm's even for 15 mins on level 1.

    Constant pain is so exhausting. I don't know how you live with that. Not that you have a choice. I guess acceptance of that which cannot be changed is less exhausting.

  3. its a mindset thing now...i put it out of my mind most of the time. But the nasty weather we have had lately has brought it back tenfold...i want to cry most days lately but I just "grin despite the pain"

  4. Not unlike my vertigo which is affected by weather. Rain is bad. Wind is worse. A tornado in the area will have me curled in the fetal position in bed before it even comes close. Unfortunately, it could also be a stomach virus so I'm not very useful as a weather alarm system and I think I'm only effective if I live within a 10 mile radius of where it touches down.