Saturday, July 02, 2011

Taking Recommendations

I am trying to decide what to watch from one day to the next and I thought I would give you, dear reader, a chance to choose for me. I figure that one day I'll be asking you to suffer through my typically verbose lists of "what I watched this month" and the least I could do is allow you a voice in what you will inevitably see manifest in this blog. So leave a comment if you have a preference. It doesn't have to be something you have seen and enjoyed. I'm willing to be your guinea pig and watch something you are vaguely interested in seeing but want to hear what I think of it. I may even make the effort to watch your choice with more discernment than usual. You never know.

As I created this post I thought, "I know if I were to ask Marc he would choose this movie." If you have a netflix account and wish to do a "write in vote," feel free to choose something from the instant queue but do me a favor, please. Don't intentionally choose a movie you think I'll loathe because you loathed it. That's hardly fair. And I'm a nice person, for the most part, so don't be mean.


  1. I will come up with a few of my "want to watch but afraid of what I will find" movies and paste them here after class

  2. Well, if you put Deliverance on your list I can guarantee I'll be watching that soon.