Sunday, August 14, 2011

Next Time

The next time I get enough click throughs to earn a gift card, I'm going to buy myself one of two things.

I probably need to take another tentative step into the 21st century and get an e-reader.

Especially now that my son is planning to e-publish, it only makes sense.

The truth is, I would prefer a Nook because, from what I understand, with the Nook you get page numbers read but with the Kindle you only get percentage read.  I'm too old school to think in terms of percentage.  I want page numbers.  Maybe the Kindle will figure out how to add this as a feature or something at some point.

Of course, with that said, I am also tempted to buy myself something altogether different.

The Complete Calvin and Hobbes collection.  

Or maybe The Complete Far Side collection.

So basically I'm going comic geek or techy geek.  Either way, I'm a geek.

Just keep clicking, please, because I'm still jobless and I deserve treats like these.


  1. Well my "Geeky Girl" not like the ones I wrote about a few days ago at all...*looks up and whistles innocently* I clicked on these so you are a few steps closer to getting which ever ya desire.

  2. Yay!

    The funny thing is I don't even look at the account so when I do get the email announcing I finally have enough for them to give me a gift card it comes as quite the surprise.

  3. I am too devoted to my "real" books to buy an e-reader, and e-books are more expensive. It would be handy for traveling, but I think that would be about it. Paper forever!

    I have the Complete Far Side. It is indeed a tome. The biggest discount I've seen for it, aside from used books, was with a 40% coupon from Borders last Xmas.

  4. Rossana, I guess I'm more devoted to my son than I am to hard copies of books or did you not notice why I want to buy an e-reader? Short of filling it up with free classics, I doubt I'll be putting anything else on it. But I would like a copy of his book and if he only e-publishes then I'm willing to buy an e-reader.