Thursday, August 18, 2011

Satia's Kiss of Death

I am the television show kiss of death.

If there is a show that looks interesting and even remotely promising, let me eagerly watch it and, sure enough, it will be canceled.  Usually the first season will suffice.  Occasionally a second season will be allowed to air.  Typically, it’s canceled before the first season even ends. 

Rob is a variable.  If he watches a show with me, this seems to have a positive effect on the show’s viability.  However, he has been known to lose interest in favor of such things as football season and other similar distractions.

This is your chance to pre-emptively save your favorite upcoming television show before it begins to air.

Is there a new show about to air this fall season that you’re super excited about and hope to see on television for years to come?  Tell me what show it is and why you think it is going to be great and I won’t watch it.

You need to tell me why it is going to be great because I have to be genuinely interested in the show but unable to watch it for this to work effectively.

Examples of shows I really thought would be good and must be because they lasted more than one season include:
  • Lost
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Scrubs

Examples of shows that only survive (for now) because Rob is watching them with me:
  • Dexter
  • The Big C

So here is an example of what I mean. 
Please don’t watch Firefly.  I know you’re a Joss Whedon fan and he does a great job of surrounding himself with good writers and clever actors which is a huge temptation for you.  Plus space cowboys . . . c’mon.  How can anyone resist?  But there’s really nothing else like this on television right now and we all know that Angel is fizzling fast so, unless you want the Whedonverse to fade from television altogether, I’d appreciate it if you would just skip Firefly altogether.  Thanks.
Sell me on your show (or shows) of choice and I promise I will not watch.  I’ll do anything but watch a really cool/funny/clever/interesting show.

And don’t blame me if your favorite new show this season gets canceled before Christmas if you don’t bother warning me off.  There are some good looking shows out there and I always allow myself one new show every fall season.  Why only one? 

Do you know how disappointing it is to get hooked on a show only to see it canceled before it really gets going?  If not, then you haven’t been watching the shows I want to like anyway.  If you have, we were probably watching the same shows but you didn’t know the Satia Kiss of Death was in effect.

So there you go.  A pre-emptive opportunity to save your show before it even hits the air. 

Live long and prosper, 
really great looking show 
I will wait to see when it hits reruns or dvd.

PS:  You may want to tell others about this post and encourage them to leave a comment.  I'm perfectly willing to oblige strangers in this quest to fill the airwaves with potentially quality programming.


  1. I must admit a love for Big Bang Theory and for Dexter! However, my favorite show has already run its course...*Sings a dirge for Smallville.* The only other two shows that hold a passing interest anymore are the CW's two highest watched shows so I think they are safe - The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural.

  2. Well if there's nothing new coming up this season for you, I'll watch with impunity. Be sure to keep an eye out for the inevitable post: This is the show I chose to watch and, yes, it's been canceled already.

    If I get through the holidays without a cancellation, I'll be pleasantly surprised.