Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wondrous Words Wednesday

Over on A Strong Belief in Wicker, I came across this meme which she, in turn, found on Bermuda Onion.  I don't often find new words but when I do I like to look them up and this meme is right up my alley so here goes.  

From The Waves by Virginia Woolf
There is a dancing and a drumming, like the dancing and the drumming of naked men with assegais.  (140) 

1. A light spear or lance, especially one with a short shaft and long blade for close combat, used by Bantu peoples of southern Africa.
2. A southern African tree (Curtisia dentata) having wood used for making spears or lances.

The hope is, of course, that I will find another new word before next Wednesday or before I forget about this delightful meme altogether.


  1. I'm impressed that you're reading Virginia Woolf - I'm too intimidated to give it a try. That words totally new to me. Thanks for participating today!

  2. I'm falling in love with her and I was intimidated for a while as well. But my book group chose Mrs Dalloway and this was my second time reading it. I was left breathless. The Waves is definitely a harder book to read. I wouldn't recommend starting with it, that's for sure. The usual entry point for Woolf is A Room of One's Own. I would then say read Mrs Dalloway and then read Michael Cunningham's brilliant The Hours and then reread Mrs Dalloway. Definitely worth it!

  3. I'm so excited that you remembered Wondrous Words! It gets a bit addictive once you've started, I miss it on the weeks when I'm too busy. You found an interesting word too- a new one for me as well. I've read two Virginia Woolf now- Mrs Dalloway and To the Lighthouse. I've since taken on advice and am saving the rest of her work for when I'm dead. I do admire people who can like her. I for one, am not clever or patient enough.

  4. Louise, Thank you for posting it. I'd never have known about the meme if not for your post so now I am going to try to have fun with it. I've already started for next week.

    And I've only recently started falling in love with Virginia Woolf. I read and admired Orlando but I can't say that I necessarily liked it. I'm having the same response to The Waves. So far Mrs Dalloway is the only book of hers I've loved upon first reading and it's possible I was inclined to do so because of Michael Cunningham's The Hours.