Thursday, September 22, 2011

Because Rob Was Having a Bad Day

Rob had a bad day at work yesterday followed by a bad night’s sleep.  So I decided to bake him a spice cake.  I mixed it all up but, to be honest, it didn’t taste very spicy to me.  I ignored the temptation to add just a tad more because I figured that maybe the flavor would be released in the baking. 

It sure smelled good while it was baking.  While I was waiting for the timer to finish counting down, he sent me a text.  He’s having another bad day at work and even has to work through lunch.  Now I feel even better about my decision to surprise him with a cake.

They came out okay.  While they cooled, I made some butterscotch pudding to use as filling.  When I had originally suggested we bake a cake, I wanted a spicy cake with lemon but Rob didn't find this combination tempting and wanted butterscotch pudding instead.  Unfortunately, I didn't mix it long enough or well enough. Ironic really because normally I would do it by hand but I chose to use an electric mixer instead assuming it would do a better job.  I guess I'm too much of a hands on cook and using modern appliances is not my schtick.

The plan was to have the cake fully frosted by the time Rob came home but he worked through lunch and ended up coming home before I even had the layers cut down and the filling put between.  Oh well.  He was still pleasantly surprised.

It doesn't look as pretty as I would like but the whipped cream is butter-rum flavored and I dusted the top with a dash of nutmeg which, Rob informs me, you can smoke to get high.  Ummmm . . . okay . . . I'd rather just eat the cake myself but you know, some people have their own preferences.

And there's a big storm coming so I'm done for the day.  Feel free to drop by for a slice of cake.  There's plenty for one and all.


  1. Samael, It might be worth the drive. No wait. It's raining and this is Georgia. Never mind. I'm sure there's good cake to be had there too.

  2. Yum! Sounds gooood! Especially the butter-rum whipped cream. Matias would love that too. :)

  3. It is quite delicious. Not too sweet too, which is just how we like it.

    My next cake will be orange flavored with an orange curd filling and orange whipped cream and candied orange peel on top.

  4. Yeah well I have driven 4 to 6 hours in worse weather for a lot less.

  5. Satia, I'm hungry for cake now. Lemon or butterscotch? hmmm okay, butterscotch!

  6. Samael, Don't hesitate and be prepared to be loved by two endlessly loving dogs.

    Anne, the next cake will be orange with orange curd filling and an orange whipped cream frosting and candied orange peel. Again, all sugar free so you can eat with some impunity and slightly less guilt.