Saturday, September 17, 2011

Satia Saturday Sampler

This is another one from my personal archives, a rough draft for a short story.  First 250+ words.  Enjoy!

William walked in the front door and she was there, Sally, doing her receptionist duty for the first hour of morning, just as she did every morning.  He felt the stir of memory in his penis, the dream from the night before coming back to him although he had tried to forget it.  The dream in which his wife had left him, had found another man, and he had taken Sally home with him, knowing it was wrong, a sin, unprofessional, to take an administrative assistant home with him.  The dream stretching the way that dreams do, three hours of oral sex, mutually performed, before the penetration.

He woke up with a hard on that ached, firmness beyond anything he experienced when he was making love to his wife.

He looked at Sally, behind the desk, without turning his head.  Her top is too low cut, he thought in the flash of perception before escaping to his office.  He flipped the daily calendar his wife had given him, read the Bible text and closed his eyes, saying a quick prayer of gratitude.  Thank you for helping me arrive at the office safely.  Thank you for the job I have.  Thank you for another beautiful day.

He had said at least ten prayers already that morning, prayers of confession, seeking forgiveness for the dream, shamed with guilt for turning over from the dream, still stiff and eager, and seducing his wife.  He should never have used her as a vessel for his lust.  He was sorry.  Please forgive me.


  1. Satia,
    This is good. Your page is good. People, well people are ignorant. I've seen great photography pages wither and die for a lack of audience and I had a blogspace for my writing and it died as well. I've found a different way to get them to look at my photography and will slip in my serious work. Keep doing what you're doing and bugger the rest.

  2. Anne, I know I am new to your blog but I've been delighted by it. Okay. Not the bugs. I don't find them enchanting. But your humor and your images are a pleasure.

    The reason I do the sampler (or started doing it a few weeks ago) is because I have so much writing and I'm seeing what "clicks" with people and what goes ignored. (Notice I didn't say "unread".) If I'm going to do the work required by revision, I'd like to expend my energies in the best way.