Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wondrous Words Wednesday

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Here yes, a deep grey, with dark eye-lashes and eye-brows, had never been denied their praise; but the skin, which she had been used to cavil at, as wanting colour, had a clearness and delicacy which really needed no fuller bloom.  (168)

intransitive verb : to raise trivial and frivolous objection
transitive verb : to raise trivial objections to

I obviously am taking some liberties with the illustration on this one because that's Henry Cavill, who played Charles Brandon on the SHO television series The TudorsBut I really couldn't find an appropriate image to clarify  the meaning of the word and look . . . he's so pretty.  I also wanted to point out that for years I didn't know how to spell grey or colour because I'd read a number of British books when I was quite young and, as a result, I "misspelled" these words, as my teachers were eager to point out to me.  I still second guess myself sometimes but I think I'm more consistently American than not.

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I must do my caro sposo the justice to say that he need not be ashamed of his friend.  (283)

An example of a word, or in this case a word phrase, I did not need to look up.  I assumed that it meant "dear spouse" or something along those lines.  I further guessed that, had the speaker been talking about a female spouse, it would have been cara sposa.  I looked it up and my assumptions were right across the board.  As for the image I chose, it amuses me that if you google "wedding cake toppers funny" images like this are so common.  Not because I think these wedding cake toppers are amusing.  On the contrary; I find them tasteless.  But within the context of the quote, the image is somehow apropos because the speaker, Mrs. Elton, lacks in good taste and manners.  What I find amusing about it is that there are so many examples of these insulting wedding cake toppers and it probably is more indicative of my ongoing profession that I am not so much commitment phobic as I am committed to the sanctity of marriage.  I shudder to think the destiny of a couple who chooses this as their wedding cake topper.    

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She was a little shocked at the want of two drawing rooms, at the poor attempt at rout-cakes, and there being no ice in the Highbury card parties.  (294)

There is a recipe for these in The Jane Austen Cookbook by Maggie Black & Deirdre Le Faye.  Interestingly enough (or so it is to me), there is a Kosher recipe available on this website which is slightly different from the one in the book.  Hands down, however, is the discussion of rout cakes I found here.  Now I think I need to do some baking.  I'm hungry. 


  1. Great words. I definitely want to try rout cakes - the picture looks yummy. Thanks for sharing. If you get a chance, my words are here.

  2. Thanks Julie. Now I'm trying to think of a way to use the word "vegetal" in my own writing. :)

  3. I like your words and the way you explain them ! Thanks

  4. Rout cakes look yummy. Henry Cavill looks yummier (oops, did I just say that out loud).

    Here's mine: Wondrous Words Wednesday

  5. Austen is always good for a few new words. I came across caro sposa in April, in Confessions of a Jane Austen addict funnily enough.

  6. Thank you, Annie.

    Joy, you only said what I was already implying. Blame it on reading between the lines.

    Louise, thank you again for posting this meme in your blog. It's fun for me to seek out words and phrases. I was surprised that most of the images I found for caro sposo directed me to an opera by Rossini. So I learned something else--there's an opera that uses the phrase as well.

  7. Mr Cavil is also soon to portray Superman in the upcoming Man of Steel film coming out in January 2013 I believe.

  8. Samael, Yes, he has been signed on for a new Superman movie. But I do try to hide some of my geekiness every now and again. I don't know why. It comes out inevitably. Like yesterday I was all excited that the Rise of the Planet of the Apes is getting decent reviews and the remake of Fright Night got B in the AJC. How appropriate is that? But I don't want to scare off any readers before they get settled down. :)