Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Quote of the Day

My son's wife, Erin, was feeling anxious about something but we didn't know what.  Only that she was anxious.  So I said to Rob, talking about my son:

I’m sure Joe can talk her down. He’s good at that—talking people down.  Or maybe it’s putting people down he’s good at.   I always get those confused.  


  1. Are ya sure yer not Irish lass? We're spectacular at talking people down. My mother always said hello like this "What did ya do to yer hair?" or "Have ya put on a bit of weight then?" By the way, how is school going?

  2. Just a wee bit of Irish on me mother's side but mostly Italian. She was raised Catholic, as was my husband, who was an altar boy. He is 100% Irish and lords it over me. Which makes sense given his family was serving in the Tudor court (feckin' traitors!) while mine were stomping grapes and drinking wine.

    (I can't make these things up: he has Howard--5th wife to Henry VII--and Cecil--Lord Burghly under Elizabeth I--in his blood.)

  3. Christ, we should hate each other. One of Burghly's main goals was to conquer all of Ireland. My family are descendants of Lugaid Mac Con. DNA testing has confirmed which clan we're from and we have an extensive geneology that has been handed down for centuries. What are the odds we'd bump into one another over 400 years later? Tell your husband I said hello. I wonder what our ancestors would think.

  4. My ancestors would be so confused. What with the Italian peasants wondering how I married a descendant of a Lord and my Scottish clan questioning if I still had a right to wear the tartan. My Irish ancestors would be raising a pint, no doubt. And that's just my mother's side!