Monday, October 17, 2011


If you have read this blog post from blogger you will understand why I am saying that I am probably going to stop using blogger.  I tried the new interface for over a month and hated it by the end.  I found it difficult to impossible to upload photographs, to get the text to look right.

In other words, thanks to the new interface my blog posts looked an utter mess and what used to take me less than five minutes to complete couldn't be done in under thirty minutes.  Which is why for a while there, I had no photos in my posts.  It was too much damn trouble.

Then I switched back and I was happy.

This new announcement basically says, "Fuck you if you like it the old way.  We're making changes so deal with it."

And that's fine.  I totally understand.  It would even be effective.  Except for one thing:


And this other thing:


And yet another thing:


And there are soooo many others out there that don't even include the idea of micro-blogging!

You see, the problem here is that there are other options and if another option allows me to do in five minutes what it currently takes me five minutes to do then guess where I'll be posting . . .

However, they claim that they have worked out some of the bugs from the feedback they've already received (I'm sure my feedback was part of that because I gave a lot of feedback).  When the change is shoved down my throat, as it obviously will be, I will give it a try and I will even be open-minded about doing so.

And if I can make my posts in a timely manner then I shall happily stay put because I've been here a very long time (my oldest posts have been archived as private but I've been here a lot longer than my posted archives would imply).  Nonetheless, if I find myself once again fighting to make a post and wasting time and energy doing something that should be easily done in a few minutes then I may just forego blogger/blogspot altogether.

The writing, I suppose, is on the wall.  In the meantime, here be berries:

Photograph by Joe

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