Sunday, October 09, 2011

Where I've Been, Where I'll Be

Marietta Campus

This week is bringing a significant change to my schedule.  No I do not have a job but I will be taking some training classes to get some certification which will hopefully improve my chances of getting a job.

So I will be spending much of my free time studying. 

The classes are from 6-10pm which is another significant change because I am accustomed to getting up at 4:30am and going to bed around 8pm or 9pm at the latest.  (Typically the later time is because a show is on I want to see *cough*Dexter*cough* and I can’t wait for it even one day.)

So my body will be making some serious adjustments as it accustoms itself to a new schedule.

Anyway, part of the reason I’ve been more quiet than usual is because I’ve been trying to get things ready for this shift in my life and I’ve been more distracted than usual as a result. 

I won’t promise to do better in the coming weeks because I really don’t know what’s coming nor how I’ll handle it.  For all we know, I may slip into the new rhythm with such ease that nobody will really notice a difference.  On the other hand, I may be trying to juggle so many things that I become even more distracted than I already am.

Is that even possible?  Goodness, I don’t want to think it is. 

I’ll be reading blogs, naturally, but I’ll probably not have as much time to offer comments as before.  If you start missing my comments in your blog, leave a comment somewhere in one of my blogs and I’ll likely reciprocate.  Not meaning to play favorites, necessarily, but I’m more inclined, when I’m feeling crunched for time and pulled in too many directions, to make time for those who make time for me. 

Except for job training and such, I haven’t been in school since 1999.  For some strange reason, I am not anxious or worried.  More curious, than anything else, to see what comes of this.  But really, what does one wear to a continuing education type class?  I don’t want the cool kids to think I’m out of touch. 


  1. You'll outperform all the kids Satia. The fun part is when you're sitting in a lecture hall and the prof is younger than you. It happened to me more than once. By the way, I like this new page layout. Cheers on going back to school!

  2. Glad you like the new design. I like that the upper left drop down menu in the "pages" bar allows the blog reader to change how they view it. So if you don't like what is on the screen, you can look at the other options and decide which one you like best.

    If you never hear from me after Tuesday, it's because those damn kids ate me.