Thursday, November 17, 2011

Movie Review - 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn' - Baroque Nonsense : NPR

Movie Review - 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn' - Baroque Nonsense : NPR:
I've been very vocal about my disgust with the first book and, thanks to some lovely people who have left comments, I have come to learn that the sequels are no better. But what about the movies? I hated the first and yet it could be that the movies are less offensive. Right?
Not according to this paragraph from the review of the most recent movie:
"But when a saga popular with pre-adolescent girls peaks romantically on a night that leaves the heroine to wake up covered with bruises in the shape of her husband's hands — and when that heroine then spends the morning explaining to her husband that she's incredibly happy even though he injured her, and that it's not his fault because she understands he couldn't help it in light of the depth of his passion — that's profoundly irresponsible." I not only am appalled that mothers are praising these books and encouraging their daughters to read them, I am truly disgusted that I know adult women who think highly of them and have even recommended them to me.
Thankfully, I had the sense to know how bad they were from reading the first one and everything I have learned about these books since then proves one thing: they don't get better, they only get worse and worse and still more worse.


  1. when the sun go's down his fangs come down and off go's his shrit

  2. According to Meyer nothing says love like domestic violence.

  3. Sara, Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

    Samael, No matter how I try to figure out what disgusts me most, I simply can't find a single source and find myself directing it at the author, the publishers, her agent, and the adult fans. I only hope that the young women who are learning about romance from these novels have someone who can help them see how vulgar these novels truly are.

  4. I must admit I never even gave it a chance but I heard people talk and write about it and I think it's better that way. Reading that would probably only make me aggressive. After all I heard about Twilight, I seriously wonder how this could get so popular. Also: glittering vampires? WTFF?!

  5. I like sparkly things and I thought it was an interesting explanation for why vampires avoid sunlight but . . .

    Even if the ink were made of glitter and the pages were holographic, nothing but nothing could get me to where I'd ever want to read another book in this series. In fact, I don't think I'll ever read another book by this author. I have never utterly loathed a book as much as I did the first one. And that's saying something!