Tuesday, December 06, 2011


Edit:  Never mind.  Apparently nothing works and once you've followed a blog you'll follow it forever and ever.  Even if it's been deleted and no longer exists, you'll still follow it apparently into some sort of blogger hell.  

So the secret to unfollowing a blog in blogger is to use Internet Explorer.  It's really that simple.

One would think it would be just as simple to do it in Firefox but not so much.

One would think it would be easiest in Chrome (what with both services--Chrome and Blogger--being Google-based services) but no, such is not the case.

My love affair with Google is now over.  I'm not getting a divorce . . . but I am no longer as blissfully happy as before.  In other words, dear Google, the honeymoon is over and you can cook your own damn dinner and fold your own damn laundry.


  1. I think there is always something very beautiful when the honeymoon is over..... Whether that applies to more than people remains to be seen.

    I use a feed reader... Feeder on my iPod which connects to my google reader. I've never had an issue with it. Perhaps instead of continuing to bang you head against the same wall, finding a way around would be worth a try?

  2. I've actually tried several work arounds already. I started trying to unfollow blogs last week when I was approaching the last day of class and I realized that I had to get rid of some of the blogs I was following. But when I tried and tried again and nothing worked, I waited to start trying over the weekend. I then checked the blogger forums for the answers and realized I'd tried everything others were saying would work. I then saw one person say you had to do it through IE. So that was pretty much my last ditch effort.

    I don't have an iPod and my phone is not even connected to the internet.

    My favorite error message when I was trying to do all of this was "you do not have access to read this blog" which I got when trying to read my own blog, this one, the one that's public. So 1) it's my blog which means I should have access and 2) it's public which means anyone should have access.

    My next move is to unfollow all blogs altogether. See if that "cleans house" and then I can move forward from there.

    It doesn't help that the only way to resolve an issue with blogger is to use a forum where other users try to help. Sends a clear message to the blogger community that if you have a problem you're on your own. I can understand allowing the community members to help one another. At some point, however, someone in a position to fix a bug should step up and say, "Hmmm . . . there's something wrong. We need to fix this."

  3. You never got that fixed? I managed to rid myself of one the other day...sorry you're still having problems...

  4. Samael, Yes, still. I had an interesting experience with it yesterday where I was deleting a few and it looked like it was working! The blog titles were gone. Yay! So I kept going. I think I had deleted about 10 or 15 and then they were back. All of them. So I started over and this time I had about 20 gone when they again all came back. Obviously at that point I gave up.

    I haven't tried to find another new thing to try because my frustration level is saturated and I need to focus on other things first. Maybe this weekend I'll see if my research can't pull up something else that will actually work.