Saturday, December 17, 2011

And Whatever Happened to the Weekly Quotes???

Same thing:  returning to school disrupted my routine and I never got into a rhythm that gave me space for all of the usual things.

However, just as with the “wondrous words,” I continue to collect quotes and it is my intention to resume sharing them in January.  If I were to try to back-track, catch-up with the backlog of quotes, no doubt we would all be overwhelmed.  So my intention is to share them a few at a time.  It will be odd to see books I’ve read weeks and ever months previously.  Better that than try to shove them all into one post or even a few posts.

And I may move the weekly quotes to Monday, leaving room for "Friday Randomness" to also return, should some randomness come my way.  I sort of let that drop to the wayside as well because there were too many things happening on Friday. 

The end of the year is not that far off and I’m still trying to get all my ducks in a row.  I think it may be time to trade out the ducks for something more linear.  Like ants.  Ants march in a long straight line, don't they?  Only, I don't like anything with more than four legs so I guess I'll stick with the ducks.


  1. Being as we love quotes, we look forward to seeing quotes
    From you again. We don't always comment but we do
    Always read.

  2. I love finding quotes. It's a habit I've had for ages and sharing them every week makes it easier for me to find a quote I like. Simple search by author, if I can remember who wrote it, or by keyword if there's a word that stands out in my memory while the rest of the quote remains hazy.