Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Announcing the Fantasy Reading Frenzy

I've decided to host my own reading challenge for 2012.  I would have announced it sooner but I was waiting for an artist to complete a commission only to be told the day before Christmas that it wasn't going to happen.  Oops.  Oh well.  So I apologize for the belated announcement.

For more information and to sign up:  click here.


  1. What was the art you had commissioned?

  2. I was reading the Wheel of Time series, but then he seemed to lose the thread and I stopped. I read all the time and I couldn't live without books. I really like your new picture. Your dog is beautiful and so are you Satia

  3. I actually gave the artist free reign in choosing what to do. I suggested that it could be anything from a panoramic image with the usual fantasy characters scattered about or it could be just a castle with a dragon or even a unicorn and fairy. I didn't really have anything specific in mind. I even suggested, given that I knew this artist sometimes does chibi designs, that a row of different chibi fantasy characters would be great (and would make a decent looking banner going across the top of the blog . . . plus the individual chibis could be made into a clickable link images for others to put on their blogs).

    But you know, the problem with asking an artist to do something is that you take it in hand that they might flake on you. And such is the case for me. I had said I wanted 2 pieces by Christmas--one shortly after Thanksgiving and the other about a week or so before Christmas. The former is finished (but not yet printed) and the latter is just not going to happen.

  4. Anne, The amazing thing about Romanov is that he has the ability to make everyone in proximity more beautiful. Even when there is a camera around.

    I can't live without books either. And now that the last of the WoT books is finally going to be in print, I feel it is time for me to tart reading them from book one and try to plow through them all before I lose the story line like I did last time because I was trying to pace myself lest I finish the last published book before the last book was published.