Saturday, June 11, 2011


I have been nursing a hurt knee for days now.  Sitting at the desk is against doctor's strict orders but when did I ever follow orders?  Well, mostly I have been which is why this blog has been so silent.  I had thought that I could share some of the leaps of video I follow in a blog post but that would require some time so here's what I am listening to while I type this.  This girl's voice . . . amazing.

Maybe by this time next week my knee will have improved and I will take you on a magical musical tour of how I move around in youtube and find surprises.  In the meantime . . . picture me, lying around, leg elevated (right leg, to be precise), reading a book or cross-stitching and being oh-so-submissive.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Weekly Quotes Part 23

The Places That Scare You

The problem isn’t with the beliefs themselves but with how we use them to get ground under our feet, how we use them to feel right and to make someone else wrong, how we use them to avoid feeling the uneasiness of not knowing what is going on.  (13)

Compassion is not a relationship between the healer and the wounded.  It’s a relationship between equals. Only when we know our own darkness well can we be present with the darkness of others.  Compassion becomes real when we recognize our shared humanity.  (50)

Simple Abundance
If a writer has a block, it’s usually because she doesn’t believe in what she’s writing.  (May 28)

I homed in on "usually" when I read this quote, realizing that for me the hardest block I've had to work through is not a lack of faith in my writing but in a fear of the power of my writing, a fear given to me by people I trusted and even loved.

Ask for what you need and want.  Ask to be taught the right questions.  Ask to be answered.  Ask for the Divine Plan of your life to unfold through joy.  Ask politely.  Ask with passion.  Ask with a grateful heart and you’ll be heard.  (June 3)

An ancient metaphysical law says that we can never leave any situation that causes us discomfort until we learn to love it or at least to see love at work in it.  (June 7)

[T]he sacred can be found in the ordinary when we seek it.  (June 9)

And in finding the sacred in the ordinary we make the ordinary sacred.  

Goddesses in Older Women 

People may think that they cannot face what is true, and so they adapt, often by keeping the truth at a distance through rationalization, denial, or addictions that serve to numb us to the truth.  (51)

The older and wiser you become, the less invested you are on the ego level, thus making it more likely that you will be able to assist the creative process of another.  (55)

When a woman is one-in-herself, she does what has meaning for herself, and is not deterred by what other people think.  (65)

When troubles happen, gallows humor can help.  There is a wisdom to black or rueful humor; it connects and comforts, heals the isolation of suffering alone.  (79)

Humor without wisdom and compassion is often sadistic and cruel, a means of feeling superior at someone else’s expense.  (79)

I have observed that much of the so-called humor on the internet is often nothing more than sadism disguised as sarcasm.  I think that it is difficult to experience compassion without first finding it within one's self and damn near impossible to find on the internet.

Garland of Love

You are deeply connected to anyone you have ever loved or whose love has changed your life—no matter whether the relationship changes or even comes to an end, no matter whether you are separated by time, distance, experience, or even death.  (June 6)

Change is a mystery beyond our control.  Fear makes us see it as a loses, but love allows us to see it as a possibility—the birth of the new which, aside from the presence of love, we would be too afraid to envision for ourselves. (June 8)

Monday, June 06, 2011

I know, I know

Yes, I've shared this video before but Rob's doing a gig and Michael Franti happens to be one of the artists.  I don't often talk about Rob's work or name names because I never know when I'm being indiscreet.  But since he said something about this on facebook, I feel I can say something about it here.

Per Rob, Franti's a nice guy and hasn't worn shoes in 11 years.  I would love it if I could live in a climate that allowed me to do the same.  He's also promoting the cause Soles4Souls.  If you haven't donated to my marathon (see the sidebar link to the right of this) (and why haven't you donated or shared the link with others?) (because seriously, I was using a walker 4 years ago and that I can do a walking marathon is quite remarkable) (but as I was saying, if you haven't donated to my cause), you may want to donate to this organization.