Sunday, January 08, 2012

How Can A Week Have Passed Already???

First and foremost, I have decided to take on a reading challenge in conjunction with my own Fantasy Reading Frenzy.  I’ll be doing the An Illustrated Year Challenge.  I enjoy having an excuse to read picture books so I can find more books to share with Bibi.

I thought I’d take some time to share a little about my first week, complete with pictures.   After all, I know how to take a memory card out of the camera and insert it into my computer.  Problem solved, right?  Not really.  I specifically asked Rob if the camera was saving photos to the card and he assured me it was but my computer says the card is empty.  So either my computer is wrong (possible) or Rob is wrong (also possible) and or there’s some whole new level of user-error into which I am now tapping. 

Image from this site.
I added a book to my morning read which is just a fun little bit of fluff:  Living Juicy by SARK.  It’s a daily reading book and each week has a theme.  This week’s theme was “procrastination”  and I found this image which I simply had to share.  And in SARK’s book Make Your Creative Dreams Real she asks the following three questions:

What’s your dream?
How much of your time is spent living your dream?
When will you begin letting yourself live your dream?  (5-6)

I would write more about the questions but I'm still mulling them over in my journal.

By Thursday, I realized that I was burning myself out on reviewing the Anatomy & Physiology class material.  I finally just grabbed the study guide and made some flashcards for just the material in the study guide rather than trying to review every jot and tittle.

Of course, I’m doing this and I still don’t have a receipt for the payment I made 12 December for the third and final class in the course.  I’ve thrice requested a copy and none has come so hopefully tomorrow I’ll hear from someone to assure me that my receipt is or will be “in the mail.” 

My friend Kanika and I went for a walk on Saturday and during our walk we caught up on our holidays and also talked about resurrecting our writing group.  We met through a writing group that eventually fizzled out and she suggested we should try to get it up and running again.  But neither of us knows a lot of writers close to where we live and could meet.  So we may be pulling together an online group. 

And today, Rob and I started packing up the Christmas tree ornaments which means the holiday season is officially finished.  I’ve managed to convince him that maybe I can have a year round tree (with certain accommodations such as:  four foot tall tree only and it has to be kept in a room that is not a “common room” so in the “office” . . . when we have an “office” which supposedly will happen when Marc moves his things out of the room that used to be his bedroom).

And on that running-sentence last-note, I think I’ll just close this post and get ready for Rob and my movie night.  Oh boy! 

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