Sunday, February 12, 2012

Week Six and then some

Dayquil LiquicapsIt should come as no surprise that I spent most of this week sick.  For one, Rob is a generous soul and naturally he thought it necessary to share his cold with me. I tried to explain to him that I love him unconditionally and that it is not necessary for him to give so much to me as I expect so very little from him.  Nevertheless, he insisted and so, since Wednesday, I have been fighting a presumably losing battle with a cold that will not go away.  Nothing seems to be helping and I am unable to breathe without opening my mouth.  My lips are chapped and I'm pretty miserable.  Plus, somehow I have to find a way to study through all of this.  So far, truth be told, I haven't been very successful with the studying.

Other than that, this week was better than last week with one disappointment.  It seems my son Marc won't be coming home for a visit in March after all because his job won't give him the time off.  Actually, I'm keeping optimistic that the trip will still happen.  A lot can happen between then and now.  But I'm also not going to get my hopes up because shattered expectations are not fun and I don't want to be utterly disappointed.  If it happens, I'll be thrilled.  And if it doesn't, I'll look forward to the next scheduled visit, whenever that may be.

I had hoped that the dust of week four would settle and allow me to accomplish more during week five.  That was clearly not the case but I know that this cold I have can't last much longer.  I'll have to play catch-up when it does go away and then, maybe when I really am caught up, I can write something lucid or even meaningful.  In the meantime, here are some random moments from my silly life.
Via text to my son Joe
Me: One of my keys is sticking.
Joe: Did you spill something on it or does it feel like something mechanical?
Me: No spill for certain. Not sure what a mechanical issue would feel like. My ovaries don’t work like that.

Via text to Rob
Me: I can’t find the television remote.
Me It’s okay. I’m old enough to know how to turn on a television without one.
Me: Flashed my boobs. Worked like a charm.

From Erin's facebook page
Bibi: Mop. Mop. Mop. That's the sound a broom makes.

From Matt's facebook page
Bibi: Agh! The sun! It hurt my eyes!
Me: What? Okay, I'll destroy the sun.
Bibi: (whispering dramatically) Yes. Do it. Destroy the sun.

And another from Matt's facebook page
Bibi: I had a dream about butts.
Me: What? Why?
Bibi: Because I can't stop dreamin' about butts.


  1. Brandy or Whisky and honey. Always helps.

    1. Bad timing on my part because I stopped drinking alcohol with the new year. Not saying I'll never touch a drop of wine again but with none in the house brandy and whiskey are not options.

  2. I'm sorry you're sick but I love this entry. Bibi always knows exactly what to say to make everyone smile. I love her. To add to this list of wonderfully funny things she says, she calls her Polly Pocket, Pooly Pocket.

    1. I'm going to try to remember the silly debates Rob and I have because I think the randomness of things we end up discussing (and discuss as if they truly mattered) might make for an interesting peek into our lives. But I may be mistaken or too forgetful to follow through.