Sunday, March 25, 2012

Eleven Weeks Into 2012

It is so funny, coming down from being so busy with studying and all. I’m still trying to get my bearings. There was a chance I might be doing more studying, jumping right into the next level of certification. But that idea seems to have been nipped in the bud.

So what, pray tell, have I been doing with my free time?

Green Anole, Anolis carolinensis carolinensis, also called American Chameleon, Carolina Anole, Red-throated Anole, and Tree Lion
Image found here.
Well, for one thing, I’ve been trying to meet our new neighbor. Rob has seen him hanging around our deck a couple of times sunning himself. One time he was feeling threatened by some bees and puffed up his neck to display a little territorial antagonism. The neighbor, not Rob. Rob never puffs up his neck unless it’s absolutely necessary. So far, I haven’t seen the neighbor, however, and if Rob hadn’t taken a picture with his cellphone, I’d swear he was making the whole thing up.

To learn more about our new neighbor, and to see some lizard porn, go to wikipedia.

For another, I suffered through all three Paranormal Activity movies. Why do I do this to myself, suffer through insufferable movies? What is it I’m hoping to find? I thought about this a lot and realized that I am trying to see if any of these so-called scary movies will ever live up to their hype. Apparently the answer is a resounding “no” and yet I keep giving it a try. What scares me most about these movies is that people actually paid hard earned cash to see them. Maybe I can understand a movie audience being suckered into seeing the first one in the theaters (and I would have probably walked out and demanded my money back because I don’t think it would be possible for anyone to make a movie more tedious than these three are). But then there are sequels. Not one but TWO and, unless I miss my guess, there’s going to be a fourth movie made because the only reason I watched them at all is that I kept hearing the third one was really great.

If by “great” someone means incredibly boring and inane, then they are absolutely right.  I really tried to just watch the movies and not do anything else but I simply couldn't do it. But I managed to get a few things done in spite of my mental burnout.

Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G Android Smartphone (T-Mobile)While I was torturing myself with tedium, my daughter was destroying yet another phone. So she had to get a new phone and now, because we still share the same phone plan, we now have data on our cellphones. Shhhhhh . . . I refuse to use data on my phone. I already think that having a cellphone is intrusive and the thought of people thinking I can access my email or whatever from anywhere at any time is not something I want to encourage. Of course, I’d have to actually see if the data was added to both phones or just hers but I abide by the truism “ignorance is bliss” and for now I’m blissfully content believing my phone is data-free. Forever, if I have anything to say about it.

One week from today, we will be celebrating my birthday (although my birthday is actually on the 4th). I’ve narrowed down my cake choices to three—all are sugar free or at least no sugar added. After all, milk has sugar in it and if I choose a cake that has nuts or fruit (or both!), it will have still more sugars. Not necessarily “added” but definitely some sugars. We also plan on making our own ice-cream although don’t ask me what kind because until I decide on a cake, the ice cream is undecided.

It’s a good thing I have a whole week to figure these things out.  What I choose, it will be delicious.


  1. Don't think that the scary part about the Paranormal Activities movies is that people actually paid to see them. Most of the people that paid actually enjoyed them.

    I personally would never pay to see them but I think you have a high tolerance for scary movies because I have seen several of both the Hellraiser movies and the Paranormal movies and they are by far the scariest movies I've ever seen. Which is why I say I won't see any more of either of them but if I were bored and someone wanted to watch them, I'd cover my eyes with my hands and peak through the cracks when a really scary part happens.

    1. I think that's why I keep watching these horror films because I keep believing someday there will be something in one that actually scares me. The Exorcist is the only one that really ever affected me and more so when I saw the updated one with the added scenes because there is a conversation which is underplayed in the movie that is brought to life on the screen.

      I have yet to give The Ring a try and Shira says that one scared her. I haven't quite given up but that's mostly because I'm stubborn. Mind you, I avoid all movies, scary or otherwise, that include too much of my irrational fears because my phobias are not irrational. I don't care what anyone else may believe.

  2. Happy early birthday :) I hope you have a great week!!

    Believe it or not I've still not seen any of the "paranormal" movies. I need to do that soon.

    1. If you find the first one a disappointment, you might save yourself the trouble of watching the other two (and soon to be three, or so wikipedia informs me). I think Erin is right--when it comes to horror movies, I may be thick-skinned or steely nerves or something.

  3. Lizard porn--I like that and I'll bet your neighbor would too. I don't own a mobile. I'm not an MD and don't have to be "on call" 24 hours a day. It ticks my family off a bit, but I won't budge.

    1. I didn't even notice it but Rob did. I saw a couple of bats having sex when I went to a zoo once. I was younger then. Perhaps I've stopped noticing these things now that I'm getting older.