Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Week That Was

This week had its gentle surprises.

On Wednesday I took the exam and I am now officially certified at the most basic level of medical billing a coding.  And because Marc’s looking for a job while doing part-time translation work, my studying didn’t cut into our time together as much as I feared it would.  The truth is, we didn’t spend a lot of time together, which was a sadness for me.  Then it occurred to me this morning, after I had hugged and kissed him farewell, that no amount of time would have been, could have been, enough.

We did have a lovely lunch at my favorite Thai place which, for some reason, used frozen vegetables.  I could taste it in my ginger chicken.  But I don’t think I’ve ever noticed before and I have long said that this place has great food.  I’ve gone there with many people and we’ve all loved the food.  So, this time I was surprisingly disappointed.  I hope that the next time I go it won’t be the same, that this was a fluke.

More importantly, however, was spending quality time with my son, talking about his job search, about where he lives, and other random things.  Saying goodbye today wasn’t easy.  I helped him pack his things which gave him room to take more than he originally thought he could.  We hugged.  Big hugs.  And then he was off.

I am not in school so no need to study.  It is a Sunday so I didn’t even try to do any work.  Instead, I curled up with some relaxing reading.  Then Bibi came over and we just had a fantabulous time.  I read a few books to her (four!) and she colored.  We watched some ballet.  She danced for me.  I showed her how to do a split.  No, I cannot do a split but I can get pretty darn close, or surprisingly close for a woman of my many years.

The truth is, we weren’t ready for her to leave when Joe and Erin arrived bearing gifts.  They gave a trowel to Bibi which is perfect timing because I am pretty sure that Rob and I will begin preparing our garden for this season’s planting.  And Bibi is absolutely going to help us now that she has a gardening tool of her very own.  She was also given a ladybug purse and even I received a little something—gold frog magnets. 

All of this because Joe and Erin celebrated their second anniversary on Saturday.  I wanted to allow them to have some quality time together which they used to go to the Botanical Gardens.  It was the perfect arrangement because Bibi wouldn’t allow me to dwell on my missing my Magic Marker.

I didn’t even know Marc was taking me out to lunch until about an hour beforehand and I didn’t know I would be Bibi-sitting today until Friday.  I wasn’t even certain I would pass the exam, in spite of the teacher’s constant assuring all of us that we would do well.  Rounding it all off are the several walks I took—two with Rob and one with Kanika—and it really has been a good week, over all.

Image from this site.
Tomorrow it’s back to business.  Kanika and I have an arrangement whereby we are holding one another accountable.  I won’t go into too much detail but it should be an interesting ride.  I also need to recommit to doing some strength training.  I hate strength training but, in the end, I’m only cheating myself.  I’ve tried to get Rob to do it with me but he likes to work out alone and, truth be told, I don’t really need a workout partner.  I just need to make doing it a priority.  So tomorrow, when I need a morning break from the things that I promised myself to do, I’ll slap on a Netflix television show (I’m open to suggestions) and I will do crunches, curls, squats, etc. while casually paying attention to the program.  Or not.  I am very bad at watching television.

Of course, now that I am officially certified, I’ll be updating my resume and creating a new cover letter, activities I loathe to do.  Does anyone enjoy updating their resume?  Cover letter?  Tomorrow I’ll begin revising and updating and, shortly after I upload the updated versions of things, no doubt I can look forward to receiving a flood of emails from fake job offers.  So my work is done but there is now new work to be accomplished. 

I’m looking forward to it.   


  1. Congrats on passing your certification exam Satia!! THat's very exciting news. As far as the Nexflix suggestion...I've just recently gotten into "The Mentalist"...see if they have that on there - I highly recommend it. Looking forward to your next post!

    1. Thank you for the congrats. And for the suggestion. I'll look into it, see if it's on netflix. If it isn't now, it may be in the near future. You never really know.

  2. Good luck with the job offers!

    1. I just hope I have the sense to avoid the scams and the discernment not to dismiss a legitimate offer. It's hard to tell, sometimes. And frustrating.

  3. Congratulations on your certification! My son moved out about a month ago and although I miss him, it's time to let him go and on the plus side, I got an empty room to convert into a painting room!

    1. Thank you, Anne. I wish I had an empty room. He left so much stuff behind that all we have is half a room. Hopefully, he'll have a better paying job soon and can afford to do something about the things he left behind.