Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Birthday Day Two

Image found here.
So, we had an understanding. No birthday presents.

Then Rob gives me a print of Wookie the Chew.  He's sweet.  (shhhhh . . .  don't tell him I wanted the chapbook Wookie the Chew which cost half as much as the print he got for me . . . it'll be our little secret)

Go to the artist's website (link in the caption) because he is selling his artwork to raise money for his daughter.  And as if it wasn't enough that he fused two of my favoritest things into one bit of awesomeness, apparently he has an image that merges Star Wars with Disney's Beauty and the Beast.  Oh if only Bibi were old enough for the Lucas oeuvre, I would simply have to get it for her because that's just another perfect combination because I'm betting Belle was pretty high on Erin's favorite princesses.  
On my birthday, Rob and I went for our usual walk and it's getting a bit humid which means I'm struggling with my "runner's asthma" which is clearly a misnomer because I am not running.  I was wearing a shirt over this one and when I walked into the room, after stripping my t-shirt off, Rob was shocked.  I guess he didn't see the sweat literally dripping from my head onto my shoulders.  Sheesh!

And I was right.  Rob could not resist the cake no matter how hard he tried which means that tomorrow there will be a whole new birthday cake. Which is fitting because this is an extra special, with all the fabulousness in the making, birthday.  Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

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