Sunday, April 29, 2012

How a Saturday Gets So Complicated

Picture this:  Kanika asks me if I want to do a 5k walk and I immediately say “Yes.”  I then invite Erin to join us to make a happy threesome.  Kanika and I update our respective calendars and life goes on.  In the meantime, Erin is on vacation so she waits until her return to sign up.

This timeframe is essential to understanding what happened on Saturday.

But first . . . the rest of the week. 

Aside from Romanov having a seizure, it was mostly uneventful.  And yes, the latest seizure is alarming enough to have me now worried about him in spite of the veterinarian’s previous reassurances.  I had a nightmare, even. 

Other than that, the week was focused on studying and resolving issues that were not really issues. I alluded, in my previous email, to a financial situation that had arisen but, as it turns out and as I trusted it would all along, the crisis was quickly resolved.  They made a mistake and fixed it.  Easy as that.

Which segues perfectly to Saturday . . . but first . . .

Chris is a good friend
and a good person
Halfway through the week we learned that our friend Chris is thinking of moving away.  We’re kind of hoping that it is just a growing frustration leading up to his vacation which begins later this week.  And if not, when he comes back from his vacation we’ll know more, including a timeframe for his leaving Georgia.  It threw me into a bit of a funk thinking of his possibly leaving because, even if it is a pre-vacation burnout, it still means our friend is unhappy.  And because he is unhappy, we want to be there for him in whatever capacity he needs.  Sometimes that means silence.  Sometimes that means showing up and being quietly present.

Saturday Rob and I headed to the 5k walk but Rob had never looked at the website link I sent to him and for some reason I could not fathom Erin was there very early.  And Kanika was silent even as I hurried to get there “on time.”  By now you, dear reader, already know that something is amiss and what it was proved to be an updated website.  The times Kanika and I saw are not the times Erin saw and, if Rob had checked the hours the night before he might have caught the mistake sooner.  He did not and clearly neither Kanika nor I had which is how Erin was confused by my saying “No, it didn’t start at 8am.  We’re fine.”

We weren’t.  We were late.  Or at least Kanika and I were late.  So apparently the jog/walk started at 8am, which is not what I had seen when I first looked at the website; the two began separate from one another.  And all of this would have been embarrassing and a little foolish but the people at the walk were remarkably rude, dismissive, and arrogant.  The three of us were left with choices:

1)      We could take our t-shirts and not do the walk.
2)      We could take our t-shirts and do the walk.
3)      We could take our t-shirts and head to my house and walk around my neighborhood.

We chose to do the latter and walked around my neighborhood thrice which is, approximately, equal to a 5k walk.  It certainly was more hilly than the official walk would have been.  We took a not so great situation and made it a lovely experience.  Yay us! 

The rest of the afternoon was spent with Bibi being thrilled with her new wings and Erin and I taking a nap.  Oh and cake.  Chocolate cake.  With chocolate filling.  With raspberry whipped cream frosting.  All sugar free and delicious.

Anyway, busy studying and such.  This week has a little distraction coming up early in the week and nothing much else between then and now.  Unless of course, Erin and I run a few errands.  We were talking about doing something special which we may accomplish this week.  Other than this, I will be studying, studying, and studying some more.  Unless I can lure someone over to play a board game with me.  I have a new one I need to play and for which I will be writing a review.  But first, I must play it.  Any takers?  No?  Okay.  I guess I'll be studying.  

On a slightly related note . . .

While I study, I occasionally need distraction. Not a lot. Just enough to keep my mind focused on what is immediately before me. So I was re-watching a certain television series and I am including a video trailer below to give you a taste of what I've had easing me through my studies.



  1. Tuesday or Wednesday we can play the new game? Do either of those days work? And Matt may be interested in joining. Joe is off both nights. Let me know and I can ask Matt.

    1. Erin, Rob's working almost every day this week but that doesn't mean next week we couldn't make things happen. Or the week after that. And we're planning a game day on May 23rd. Woohoo!

  2. Ill drive up and play your game you brigand!

    1. I already know you'd fit right in so consider yourself invited if you're ever passing through.

    2. Awesome! It would be cool to meet you and Rob! I know that if Emmy and I are ever in that part of the state we would both enjoy that.

    3. I can imagine the fun of watching you and Rob trying to out-sarcasm one another.

  3. I know those seizures are scary. I had a German Shepherd who had them all his life and my Yellow Lab has them as well. The one's my Lab has are much worse than my Shepherds were and I just move things out of the way as quickly as I can and wait till it passes. Sometimes the meds can't completely control the seizures and they still happen.

    I think you did the smart thing when you arrived late, went home, walked then ate chocolate cake. I hope your friend works things out for his life.

    1. Anne, they are horribly frightening and all one can do is step aside and wait until they emerge from the seizure. And as you've pointed out, medication isn't an immediate answer, assuming it is one at all.

      I hope that a week away will put things in a new light. We'll see how things go. But if we have to say goodbye to Chris, we at least know he's only moving one state away which at least means he'll be close enough for a weekend visit. And we have a guest room.