Sunday, May 06, 2012

This week we ran more errands than usual.   Rob needed new shoes and hoped I would find a pair I liked.  I didn’t.  We looked for gardening gloves for Bibi but found none small enough for her so we ended up buying seeds instead.  Lots of seeds.  Flower seeds. Edible flower seeds.  Vegetables.  Fruits.  Fruits that flower.  Vegetables that . . . well, they don’t flower.  I could offer a list but look at the piles of packets we have collected.

Rob has a new pair of much needed shoes.  I have a skirt that fits.  And we needed new sheets for our bed because our “old” ones were tearing and even when we fixed one tear they just tore again.  We were able to get some fairly inexpensive ones and that’s all that matters.

So two days of running around and every other day I studied and read and read and studied.  In the middle of the week I received a surprise, a belated birthday gift from a friend.  A pair of much needed yoga pants that not only fit but which Rob says look really nice on me.  (Which I probably don’t need to translate as “makes my ass look good” because any time a guy comments on new yoga pants, that’s pretty much all it can mean.)

Hint:  If you buy yourself a pair, buy them in one size larger.  They fit beautifully if you go a size up.

I wasn’t expecting it.  A month later and surprise!  From someone who had already acknowledged my birthday and given me a reason to smile on my 50th birthday.  And apparently there’s another pair coming.  Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

Note:  Yes she asked me to look at some yoga clothes online but so many weeks later I simply did not make the connection.

I feel spoiled and loved and my birthday was a month ago.  I love gift ripples that allow special days to go longer.

Saturday Rob and I celebrated our anniversary—he worked, I studied.  But over dinner of the same pizza we had on our first date, we enjoyed one another’s company.  Twelve years together with two years of marriage.  He surprised me with a purplecase for my kindle.  And a pair of shoes that he felt I needed to add to my collection even though I am perfectly fine wearing my little cotton mary janes

My study buddy has fallen a bit behind in studies and I suspect that we won’t finish by the end of August but we could surprise ourselves, pick up momentum.  But she had valid reasons—became sick and then her children became sick and then how could she avoid seeing The Avengers

Maybe the week wasn’t as productive as I had hoped but I spent quality time with Rob and I once again had the pleasure of seeing Snowdoll torture Romanov.  You see, he is not a cuddle puppy and she is.  So she manages to snuggle close to him and he tolerates it but he doesn’t like it.  She looks super comfortable, doesn’t she?  And why is it that if we put towels on the carpet so that they don’t track mud onto the carpet they inevitably lie down on the towel as though it added so much more cushioning? 

Puppies are strange.  

There are things on my mind and in my heart.  I'm hoping this week I can find time to put some things into words.  Should I succeed, you'll know because you'll see posts above and beyond memes and such.

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