Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Videos and Such

A while back I mentioned in a post that I have a tendency to flit about online sometimes, linking from one bit of nonsense to another, finding myself in the most peculiar corners of the internet.  This week, as a sort of personal sociological experiment, I am going to save some of the randomness into a single post.

Now, if I were to share each and every one, you would more easily see some sort of logical flow.  Well, not really but you might see a connection between three of four different things.  Therefore, I am not going to share each and every jot and tittle of online exploration I do.  Rather, I am going to pick a random number by the roll of a dice (D10, to be precise) and whatever number comes up, that is the next addition.  This will make it more fun for you as you look at the seeming randomness and ponder the synaptic processes of my mind.


PS:  I've post-dated this to publish after my bedtime on Saturday, 29 April.

Carl Sagan.  Need I say more?

It may be plebian of me to say this but I do so adore this aria.  I've shared it before.  Perhaps not this video but this aria for certain.

I think Snowdoll would do very well with an agility test. However, I caught myself giggling whenever Shelby found a better/easier way of doing something and I realized that if Snowdoll were to be trained for something like this, it would have to be by someone other than yours truly.

This song, this particular version, has been stuck in my head. Methinks I need to borrow a dvd from my son.

This one kind of made my brain hurt because lately, in some fit of insanity that seems to come with "middle age," I have decided to learn more about science. Not really.  What I mean to say is that sometimes when I'm dabbling in some philosophy over here, I read about something sciencey over there.  So I go over there and then I find shit like this before I've even had my first cup of coffee and I'm all confused but cute purple particles are cute even without coffee.  Anyway, by the time you read this, I'll probably have watched this about four more times, visited wikipedia and about ten other sites, and I still won't get it but I won't give up on my ability to do so.

It was nearly a Danny Kaye video but . . . roll of the dice and here we are with a young Dylan.

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