Sunday, September 30, 2012

Let Me Draw You a Picture

Once upon a time, I drew.  A lot.  I wrote a lot.  I read a lot.  Then I had children.  I still read a lot.  I even managed to write a lot. But drawing slipped away.   And now even my penmanship slipping away as my writing becomes increasingly scrawl-like and illegible.  Over time, skills degenerate.  If you don’t use it you lose it and I’ve lost it. 

But apparently I want to get it back.  In going through my bookshelves I kept finding books, resources, and such I had accumulated through the years.  Some I can even guesstimate were bought ten or more years ago. 
Last week I was talking about connecting with others and perhaps picking a theme for the year or month-by-month.  Two of you chimed in and I sort of clarified my thinking a bit.  Truth is, however, I haven’t managed to fill out that really awesome blogging planner document so I guess I haven’t narrowed things down sufficiently enough.  I just stare at it, the branches and can’t begin to prioritize my too many ideas spinning around in my head. 

So there I was looking through my books and coming up with too many ideas and I’m noticing these various books on drawing and sort of shaking my head, remembering the time I won a blue ribbon for one of my drawings when I didn’t even know there was a contest involved and the other time when I was in middle school and a teacher sold one of my pieces for $50 dollars and I didn’t realize that they were auctioning off the pieces to the highest bidder.

It occurred to me that maybe I need to put these books to use and perhaps that this would be a means of connection, that some of my readers would be thinking about doing calligraphy or maybe just playing with a sketchbook, some other means of self-expression, for a while.  And there’s room here for practically anyone.  I know one person who said they want to practice some painting, another who says they want to do some calligraphy, and I seem to have accumulated more than a few drawing resources. I  even the workbook for Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.   

I am so married to words and I sometimes I feel, on that deeply subconscious intuitive level, I should allow my visual artist space for expression.  Maybe after I take the certification at the end of the year.

In the meantime, I received my first call to jury duty and I will be going tomorrow.  I don’t know how long I will be committed to doing my civic duty.  The card I received telling me to appear, where and when, said I should be prepared to be there for one week.  Last week I saw the doctor about my ears, which were bothering me.  I had some buildup and they needed to flush my ears out.  It was highly unpleasant.  Given that people often find themselves feeling so dizzy that they “fall out” you can imagine how I was feeling.  And here I am, less than a week later, and my ears still feel funky.

Anyway, think about it, about everything.  There are three possibilities for 2013 at this time. 
  1. Netflix streaming movie group
  2. Salon exploring philosophy and art
  3. Creative expression

Chime in with your comments in the meantime.  I’m open to ideas!


  1. I love the idea of a blog focused on art and philosophy, and if it would help you to start rehabilitating some of your old talents, then that could only be a good thing!

    1. I think it would be a lovely idea if I can find other people who would like to do it with me in a collaborative effort to share ideas, visions, and creativity.

  2. I know exactly what you are writing about!
    I was studying in the drawing school for 8 years when a child/teenager. It was a serious school, its graduates entering art universities without any problems. I haven't finished it, though (I quit 2 years before the graduation), as it demanded up to 12 hours of my time a week, and I had such a lot of other hobbies. Sometimes I feel a need to draw something, but when I start, I am so disappointed with how I draw now compared to how I used to draw, that I never finish anything. Probably I need to go back to it too, if I have some free time, which is highly improbable :(

    1. Time is definitely one of my stumbling blocks as well. I take the certification exam in December. If I begin to explore the possibility now of creating something collaborative, I have time to pull together different people. Imagine someone sharing an image--a drawing, a photograph, a painting--on the specified theme for that month. Let's say integrity. Now, let's say we also have a poetry love who finds a poem about integrity and another person who is a poet who is so inspired by the image that s/he writes a poem. Now we have three things that represent this one idea. Insert a satiric piece on integrity and maybe even an engineering article on the necessity of integrity for structural design. Can you see what I mean? Add a personal essay by someone sharing a life experience where someone's integrity was called into question or the essayist's integrity was tested. Then interject different spiritual/philosophic explorations on the theme, perhaps a reviews about books and/or movies that explore the idea of integrity, and there is a single theme shared through various lenses, a sort of kaleidoscopic vision but focused on a single idea.

    2. The "idea of the month" can be really good! I mean, just imagine people walking around with this idea on their mind and connecting what is happening with them to it and responding to it in their own way. It would also be great if there was some program in the Internet to place it all beautifully, something like virtual scrapbook to which anyone can contribute... I really like the idea! And I hope you will find time to do it, if you will!

    3. I was looking at this website:

      If you click on the title of the two boxes I have there, you'll go to a page that has a variety of articles--some are blog posts, some are articles from various websites, etc. I think it could work because it has a sort of magazine feel to it.

      Another option would be for me to create a "Here's Our Theme" post on the first then let people share links to their blogs where they explore the theme. Whether they link to a tumblr or blogspot post, a wordpress or their own website, the page would be a placeholder of sorts. Then, at the end of the month, I could remind everyone to 1)look at the variety of responses and 2) prepare for the announcement of the next month's theme.

  3. Yup, I have degrees, read all those books and then some and found I was still messed up. You know what I do? Go make something. Create and don't analyze, those two parts of the brain never want to work together anyway, lol. And then I save everything, everything I draw or paint, everything I write, save it for later when I can shut off the creative mind and turn on the analytical mind. :)

    1. Veronica, What I'm trying to create is a community of individuals who share their perceptions in an open forum, in a manner that is unique to their needs for expressing what they think and feel about specific themes. Through this confluence of expression--visual, verbal, audio, etc.--there would be room to come together as we celebrate our differences and to explore those parts of ourselves which have remained untapped.