Thursday, September 27, 2012

What I Do When I Should Be Studying

The other day I posted about wanting a sense of connection and two of you left comments so naturally I replied; both the comments and my replies had my mind racing. As usual.

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I pulled this resource from the DIY MFA website and I’m trying to brainstorm a few things.  I mean, I know I’ll get back to doing the weekly quotes because I keep accumulating more and more.  I feel overwhelmed by how many I have but that isn’t going to make them go away and I’m sure more than a few of them I’ll drop along the way.  I always do.  

But collecting and sharing quotes comes easily and it doesn’t do what I would like to do with blogging. 

So what have you commenters made me think would be  interesting enough to keep my blog alive?

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For one thing, a Netflix streaming club, which would not be unlike a book club only we would watch movies.  A small group of people who come together online to talk about a movie we all agreed to watch, rotating who gets to choose from one week to the next.  I just need to gather a group of people who are interested in doing something like this and then figuring out the best way to pull it together so we can share and maybe share with others.  Not sure where/how to begin.

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As for the salon idea . . . I love it.  I love the idea of it but it would require a commitment from participants that my past online experience suggests is not so easily come by.  Not impossible because I see websites where people come together and collaboratively share ideas, stories, etc. exploring an agreed upon theme. Poems, images, expositions on texts, book reviews, etc?  Stuff.  Random but reflective of the individual but with an ecumenical (dare I say global?) spaciousness so that there would be overlap in ideas and maybe even some disagreement.  A healthy debate is okay, right? 

Imagine people of different philosophies all discussing “acceptance” or “integrity”?  What does “grace” mean to the person who does not believe in a higher power?  What is the difference between a Buddhist understanding of detachment and a psychologist’s?  And how would an artist express “compassion” or a poet explore “meaning”? 

And I think it boils down to one simple thing:  I’m tired of exploring deep things alone and not have others to discuss them with because it is often in the discussing I really begin to understand what I’m reading. 

Maybe I just miss college.  

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