Sunday, September 23, 2012

Word Verification Gone

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Remember when?

I've been frustrated with the changes that Blogger has made and how it makes me feel sick.  Then I had another issue come up with one of my other blogs so I had to set it to private for reasons I choose not to explain further.  But I am determined to be blog again, I just need to have a reason, above and beyond posting about MOOCs, to do so.

First, I chose to remove the word verification because, as you've all noticed, changes have been made and the verification has become impossible.  It takes me at least three attempts to post a comment and when my time is as precious as the next person's, I'm less inclined to bother leaving comments.
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Now it looks like this.

So my gift to you:  No More Word Verification.

This is true on this blog and my book review blog.

Yes, I will still be blogging about my MOOC experience.  For one thing, I'm taking another coursera course and want to put my thoughts into words.  For another, I'll be starting another MOOC hosted on a different site altogether beginning in October.  And, last but not least, I have invited a friend of mine to take yet another course with me; rather, I am taking it with her because I want to show my support of what she is doing and thought that by my taking it with her she would feel less overwhelmed by the idea.

However, there is more stuff coming in October as well, things that could result in my sharing more of my creative writing.  This is part of my taking on an internship in hopes of learning new skills.  Given that I am also still taking an online medical billing & coding course there are things I want to share.

But this is the most important thing of all.

I have been thinking about the old salons where people would gather together and share things they have learned.  I know that there are a lot of such things out there on the internets.  Why there's even a website by that name, if memory serves.  But I am thinking of something far more specific, inspired by The Elders but obviously on a smaller and more intimate scale.  Or maybe it would be nothing like them but something else, more rooted in the idea of my mother sending everyone she loves the same book and saying, "This is what I will be reading and focusing on this year and I would like you to join me."

Maybe I'm just disappointed because the Banned Book Group on goodreads is dead and I am not motivated to keep the momentum going because 1) I didn't create the group to begin with and 2) they keep choosing books I've already read.

Of course, my yearning to connect on a meaningful level doesn't require some deep discussion or exploration of morality and ethics.  It could be as simple as creating a netflix streaming movie club or maybe my taking photographs with my fairly pathetic digital cameras and boring you without words.  Who knows?

I am clearly open to suggestions.  Are you interested in something like a salon or just a typical book or movie group?  When I'm asked by some internet person I don't know in real life, "What would we do if we could hang out for a day?" I almost always answer, "I would want to sit down somewhere comfortable, perhaps with a cup of tea or coffee, and just talk and get to know you."

Maybe that's what it is I'm trying to find a way to do with my blog and I seem to be inviting you to join me.


  1. While I have no ideas on what form it should take, I am interested for sure. I wonder what meaningful means for you. Maybe beginning there can help you find a direction to take this in.

    I will be getting back to blogging soon, and willmformsure be removing the word verification

    1. Patches, I keep thinking about what my friend and I had been doing but didn't continue but something a bit beyond that. She and I had agreed to study specific religions for six months and I've continued this, more or less, on my own. What I would love is to gather a small group of people who would explore a common theme, rather than a common religion, perhaps for one month at a time. How this would work, I am not yet sure but it would be lovely to have people of different perspectives sharing about broad ideas such as acceptance, grace, integrity, forgiveness, compassion, etc. And it wouldn't be limited to what the Bible says or even what Buddhism says because each person would be exploring the theme in a unique way so maybe one person would be reading poetry and gathering poems that reflect on these ideas while another person creates a list of movies and yet another shares lessons from the Bible while another does the same from the Dao De Ching and yet another from the Qur'an. The opportunity to share in intellectual discussions from different perspectives seems to be in keeping both with the salon idea but also allows for a more global viewpoint. What does psychology say about grace? What about atheism? I can easily pinpoint what Christianity teaches but what about Buddhism or even Hinduism?

      Does it make sense?
      Is it something the can even be pulled together?

  2. The movie thing would be terrific! For example, I sometimes watch some old films (usually from the "1001 films you must..." list, I'm predictable) and they are usually great, but they definitely need some discussion.

    1. With a few people involved, I can see a Streaming Netflix Movie Club would easily be pulled together. Perhaps each person would take a turn choosing a film to watch and everyone would agree to watch it within a week and then share thoughts about the film. I know I often watch a movie and think "This would be a fun movie to watch with another movie" because I remember double features and the sometimes perfect marriage of one movie with another or sometimes thinking of completely disparate movies that, nonetheless, have a common theme. And I can't tell you how many times I will watch a movie and think of a short story or a novel that it reminds me of, even when the movie is not based on a particular short story or novel. Plus, I love discussing movies with people who notice things like lighting choices or camera angles. My favorite movies are almost always the ones where I see something symbolic I'd never noticed before.

  3. Replies
    1. Cool. Since whatever I do decide to do is not something I'll even begin any time soon, I have time to brainstorm ideas of how to make this work.