Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Loglines (or Just a Taste of What's to Come?)

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So one of the things I’m trying to determine for 2013 has to do with my writing.  The thing is, there are days I just want to delete all of the files I’ve written, shred all the hard copies, and start all over.  But then there are some stories and some characters I love so much it would feel like murder.  (Yes, even if I actually murder them in the story, that’s how it feels.)

Anyway, today on DIY MFA Gabriela asked us to come up with a logline for whatever WIP we have in mind; I immediately saw these piles of ideas and manuscripts and short stories and chapbooks tumbling in over my head.  I immediately felt overwhelmed and discouraged because it’s simply too much.

Did I ever tell you my grandfather was buried under a pile of books after an earthquake?  Yeah.  Just another random story I haven’t shared yet.

Aha!  See?  See that implicit “yet”?  Damn subconscious.

Okay.  I’m putting down my “just a cigar” and here are some loglines (which is a whole other Freudian image, don’t you think?) and you tell me what you think because, seriously, this course has me so mentally fried that thinking can’t be done by yours truly.

  • Lives, like stories, overlap and, for better or worse, the connections create ripples that we may never see.  Some may even outlive us.
  • When you fall in unrequited love, what happens when despair gives way to hope and the impossible becomes something inevitable? 
  • Karen knows this summer is going to be the best ever because her best friend Eva will be coming along for part of the time for the first time ever.  But how far will Karen go to hold onto the boy she only kissed last summer and what secret is Eva hiding that makes this summer something Karen will never forget?
  • They have carried this curse for millennia and it is tearing Michael and Lillith apart, leaving too much pain behind them, can they find a way to heal and move into their future together? 
  • When Sylvia publishes a memoir she knows her sisters won’t be happy with what she has to say.  So when her oldest sister insists they all meet for lunch, Sylvia is ready to duck and cover although she only has herself to blame.
And that’s just five of the plethora of manuscripts.   

Of course, I could still delete it all, shred it all, and start all over again. For now, my focus is elsewhere, turning my back on the obvious until I have no choice but to face the truth.

(Romanov is fine.  I was close to tears all day and deeply distracted.  Yet I survived and that's all I can ask of myself today.  Oh that and I took a test and tomorrow I will take an exam and start the next chapter.  Never a dull moment but oh-so-many redundant ones!)


  1. "Lives, like stories, overlap and, for better or worse, the connections create ripples that we may never see. Some may even outlive us.". I LOVE this. Reminds me of a movie I saw recently (which inspired Monday's post).

    1. You know I was thinking about it and you were silent for a while and then I became silent so it looks like you came back and I was overwhelmed with school so didn't notice. I'm not going to try to catch up but I am going to try to gradually become more involved again. December 15 plus a day or two to recompress and then watch out!