Monday, November 26, 2012

My Responses

Every year we buy
a Siberian Huskies calendar
The other day I shared this form I created to get some ideas for myself and a sense of where others were/are in their own hopes for 2013.  I even posted about it twice on facebook although it was limited to only family and those friends who are like family.  The third question asked if those who responded wanted to know what my own answers to the questions are and both people who responded with an unqualified "yes" so here are my answers.
1) Read more of the books that are cluttering my many bookshelves and get rid of the ones I do not want to keep.
2) Find a way to connect with the people I love on a level that is meaningful to both of us.
3) Lose 10 lbs.
4) Spend time exploring my creativity
5) Earn more money than I did in 2012 ($500 in 2012) 
There were other things like getting rid of some of the clutter in my life--clothes I don't wear, the piles and piles of things around the house, and a lot of that will be done if focus even on one thing.  Finding a job would help me earn more money and relieve a tremendous amount of the stress I feel on any given day.  Lose 10 lbs has been on my list of things to do "this year" since I gained 20 in 2007.  Still haven't done it.  So when I narrow it down some more, this is what I have.
1) Earn more money than I did in 2012
2) Reconnect in a meaningful way with the people I love
3) Read the books on my shelves
Now, to look at the top three.

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1) Earn more money than I did in 2012
I will be taking the certification exam on 15 December which I am hoping will open some doors.  I haven't had any interviews this year so the last two weeks of 2012 will be spent once again revising my cover letter, revising my resume, and trying to make myself look good on paper.  Every month I am unemployed makes it that much harder to even get to the interview stage of things.  I've applied to retail stores and even tried to get some holiday temporary work.  Nothing.  I can't give up, however.  We have bills and I now owe as much as I did in my student loans as I did when I graduated, thanks to my not being able to pay them for the past few years and the interest accrued.  I literally feel like my life has fallen back at least a decade.  But I know I worked myself out of a hard corner once before and I know I can do it again.  So finding a job takes precedence because it has an impact on everything else.  And, while it seems so superficial to put this as the #1, the truth is that having some form of steady income would allow me the means to share my life with others more fully.  I would be free to buy gifts or, better yet, the materials I need to make gifts.

This novel is about
the power of connection
2) Reconnect in a meaningful way with the people I love
I continue to feel that relationships matter and I keep trying to build deeper connections with the people I love.  I tried this with former friends by reading what they were reading and this year I encouraged a friend of mine to take some online courses which I hoped would help her learn some skills that would empower her.

Even here in my blog, you can see evidence of my reaching out to make connections.  Last year's failed attempt at creating a reading challenge, my participating in the Banned Books Group on goodreads, and a few other feelers that I let ripple out.  I discussed some of my ideas with the people in my life and their responses were tepid, at best.   As I set aside ideas that were unfeasible or that others saw as problematic, I was able to narrow down a few things in my own mind.  The key, of course, is in the word meaningful which means I have to find something that matters to me but will also matter to them.

Recent events have definitely thrown this into a harsher light.  Of course, the other significant word in there is love because I feel a lot of my energy the past few year has been given to people who have proven themselves to be unworthy of my love if only because they devalued themselves or me.  When it comes to relationships, I've always preferred quality over quantity and I've learned in the past two years that when you try to take relationships to a deeper level the superficial people tend to fade away.

There are two people in particular with whom I would like to relate with more deeply, not including my family.

One of the many books
I own I haven't read
3) Read the books on my shelves
This seems like such a superficial item to have on my top three.  Like most bibliophiles, I have accumulated a ridiculous number of books over the years and I don't get around to reading them.  Many of them are on different aspects of creativity so choosing this actually is like choosing #4 from the initial list as well.  I mean, how could I read a book on drawing without exploring my creativity, right?  Or one on writing poetry?  Inevitably, some of these books will serve a double duty and all I need to do is stop being distracted from what I own by what is out there waiting for me to read.  But I still want to utilize our public library so next year I'll be limiting myself to very specific types of books which I'll borrow from the library and my goal is to read the books I own and/or can get for free in some other way.  From the library I'll borrow children's books and maybe an occasional art book.  Other than that, I will be culling my reading from what is already on hand.  Or loaned to me by friends and family.  Or given to me as gifts.

So these are my answers to the questions.  Over the next few weeks I'll be taking small steps to clarify the above, to set things in motion, to get some momentum going before the new year officially begins.  If you are inclined to answer the questions, drop me a comment so I know you did.  Just follow the link.  

I am looking forward to the new year and expect it to be a wonder-full one.


  1. I love these goals Satia. I look forward to reading of your journey to achieving them this year!

    1. You and me both--curious about the journey this upcoming year. And I have no clue where it's leading me.

  2. Nice worksheet! I'm working on an idea for a New Year Reading Challenge. If things go well, it will go "live" on December 15.

    Joy's Book Blog

    1. Well, if your reading challenge and my personal challenge overlap in any way, I'll join in your challenge. I usually participate in more than one challenge so it won't be a hardship. If there is little to no overlap, I'll cheer from the sidelines! Woohoo! Yay team. I'm a good cheerleader.