Saturday, December 01, 2012

Along With the Reading Challenge

Self-Portrait by Shira
The other day, I wrote about some of the things I want to do in 2013 and one of the things I listed is a personal reading challenge.  Before that, I wrote about how many books on creativity I've accumulated over the years.  Then I approached someone near and dear to my heart about what, if anything, she might find interesting of the things that are of most interest to me in 2013.  Amazingly enough, one thing actually piqued her interest (I know!) and we'll be doing  . . . something.  Not sure how we're going to work it out just yet but we agreed on something.

Dovetailing on this, I've also approached some friends of mine about another idea I had, one that I'll likely be discussing in more detail later.  It has something to do with this book, which I bought for my friend Pia as part of her birthday gift package.  I'll be sharing more about Pia in the near future.  Oh boy!

Anyway, I love this idea and, if I could afford to do so, I would buy this book for all my children, one for Rob, our mothers, my other friends, and, needless to say, myself.  But I can't afford to be that generous so I managed to find an alternative.

Now I just need to see if anyone is interested in joining me, not that it will preclude my doing what I want to do but, as we all know, sharing something you enjoy (or at least think you will enjoy) with someone else makes it all the more enjoyable.

But more about that later because I had intended to discuss a challenge I'm creating for myself and it begins with this clutter of books I borrowed from my local library.  (Rob took the picture and you can see my fingers, an ARC, and even a green apple in the upper part of the photo.)

Scrapbooking books I borrowed from the library
I own a few scrapbooking things I've picked up over the years.  I had planned on creating something for my children to give to them before they moved out but then I was working ridiculous hours and never really had time to myself.  Friends going through divorce, friends going through breakups, friends going through deep depressions, and taking my children to and from their jobs, managing a relationship with a guy who simply would not go away and eventually convinced me to marry him all added up to my never making time for this project.  

But not anymore.

You can expect book reviews for all of the ones in the image, obviously.  (BTW, some new reviews will finally go live on Monday.  Yaaaaay!)  You can also expect another photo so you can see the stuff I have accumulated over the years.  Admittedly, some of it was bought as a gift for someone who chose to leave my life.  But some of it was absolutely bought with myself and my children in mind.  

Regardless, I have created a second challenge for myself and I'll share more about it soon. More coming?  I keep saying this don't I?  Well, that's as much because I'm trying to get all of my mental ducks in a row (and my mental ducks are downright manic) before I officially define what it is I hope to do in 2013.

So let's see . . . I have committed to three things over here and will be doing fun things with my darling daughter and am hoping to do something with my friends and family . . . and something with all my scrapbooking stuff.

Oh boy!  

Are you as excited about 2013 as I am?  
How are your plans for the holidays panning out?  

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