Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Body By You by Mark Lauren with Joshua Clark

Last week I started using Body By You by Mark Lauren with Joshua Clark.   Over the next few weeks, I’ll be writing about my progress, gradually sharing quotes and other information about the program. 
Essentially, Lauren breaks down his program into five essential moves—lower and upper body, chest and back.  Each of the five movements works more than one group which is arguably better than using equipment that isolates one muscle or even muscle group.   

Only five moves?  How is this a program, you ask?  Well, you start out where you yourself are and progress through the same type of move but at varying degrees of difficulty.  You’ve probably seen people do inclined pushups where their feet are up on a bench making the simple push-up all the more difficult.  But if you cannot even do a push up, rest assured that is not where Lauren has you start. 

This is definitely one of the book’s strengths because, after doing a self-assessment, you start where you are and, doing the prescribed exercises, you decide whether you are ready to move to the next level, need to take it down a notch, etc. 

Furthermore, the book boasts that no equipment is required.  You use your own bodyweight to build muscle mass.  This is pretty much true, although we immediately came upon a couple of problems.  Of course, the few problems we immediately saw are nothing compared with the problems I already had going into this.
  • Would I be able to do the exercises, given my vertigo?
  • Would this program be effective for a woman of my age? 
Of course, I am not one to shy away from finding a way to do things in spite of any complications and that I am writing this post, saying I started using this program a week ago, suggests that whatever problems there are, I’m working through them.  And since I plan on writing about this for the next few weeks, I’ll leave some of the details for future posts.

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  1. Excellent start, Satia! I'm really looking forward to hearing how this works for you!

    Joy's Book Blog