Sunday, February 10, 2013

Time to Go With the Flow and Vogue

No matter how unexpected
my week may be, any week I get
to Bibisit is a good one!

I distinctly recalled saying that things should settle down into normalcy in February but it hasn’t.  It really hasn’t. 

The week began with my being interviewed by a reporter from Wall Street Journal. There will be an article online any day now and, if I remember to look for it, I’ll link to it here in my blog but let’s be honest . . . things have to settle down if there’s any real hope of my remembering anything.

Can I blame all of the medical billing and coding stuff for consuming every last jot and tittle of my memory capabilities or is that too big a stretch? 

Bibi drew a self-portrait using
dry erase markets (hence, the glare).
Truth is, I’m dreading that something I said will be taken out of context.  But I can’t control that and the article is about one of the courses I took with Coursera.  The reporter found my blog posts about the Science Fiction & Fantasy course and asked to speak with me.  Because I was talking about the one course, I was reminded of the other, the Modern Poetry course, and I’ll be sharing my thoughts about that course over the next few days. 

On Tuesday I was Bibisitting which is always a fun thing and on Friday I was getting ready for my son to come by for an overnight visit.  Yep, my son flew all the way down from Chicago to spend the night so he could then drive his car back with him. 

Marc talking while packing.
Didn’t I tell you that things have been a little strange?  I mean, how often does a national publication call me up for an interview?  How often do I get to see Marc?  (Okay, lately it seems like every six weeks or so but before then it was months and months!)  And what about the photographer?  Oh, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Marc’s car had been left in the hands of Joe & Co to use while Marc was looking for a “real job” by which we mean he was trying to get something other than a food service job.  Now that he’s working for a major company with offices in several countries, he can afford to have a car in Chicago so he came here to retrieve it.  While here, we went through his boxes and sorted out the books and such he wanted to take with him above and beyond the rest.  We filled his car with his boxes and his keyboard and clothes and even his coffee maker. 

Darn.  I was planning on using it if he insisted on leaving it behind again.  Oh well.  I still have my French press. 

I like this although the
composition is off.
So Saturday morning after picking up and packing up his car, we sent Marc on his merry way and I sort of wandered around the house feeling bereft.  He came all that way and only here for one night.  *sniffle*

Actually, the sniffle is more likely due to my fighting something, which I still think I am but since I haven’t officially come down with anything . . .

Which brings me to this morning and meeting with a photographer from the Wall Street Journal who was here to take my photo for this interview I did earlier this week.  He was a very nice man and made me feel as comfortable as he could, given my utter distaste for having my picture taken.  An hour later, we were done and sometime this week somewhere out there will be an article with my face in it.  He took pictures of me in profile and facing the camera.  I’ll bet you now that the one picked is a profile shot because I give good profile and terrible face. 

I am no Greta Garbo, although I do like to be alone.

And so another crazy week has come and gone and by crazy I just mean that in December, when I was thinking about the things that would happen, I didn’t think I would be interviewed by a newspaper or that I’d see my son mere weeks after saying goodbye to him after Christmas.  Maybe this week we will finally settle down into some normalcy although I am not going to count on it.  There’s a lot of ebb and flow around here and I’ve a feeling that the rest of the year has some surprises.  And since you can’t prepare for a surprise, the best you can do is go with the flow.

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