Friday, April 05, 2013

Birthday Blog Post is Coming

I know you are probably expecting me to write about my birthday.  And I shall.  But first I have to tell you a story from 2000, when Rob and I were dating and he decided to go out and buy me a book. After all, anyone who knows me knows I am a bibliophile.  He figured he could find a book I hadn’t read and, because I was talking about reading books only by women in 2001, he even wanted to find one by a woman.

He did.

He bought me Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  Now, seriously, only Rob could have been so stuck under a rock somewhere that he had  not heard of the Harry Potter books.  But he hadn’t.  So oblivious was he that he didn’t realize he was buying me the fourth in a series of books.  All he knew is that he was buying me the thickest book by a woman he could find.  (Boy oh boy am I glad he didn’t find a book by Jean Auel or Ayn Rand!  But I digress.)

As a result of his ignorance and generosity, I ended up having to buy myself the first three books.  And then came the frustration.  You see, once upon a time, back when I was a teenager, I read a trilogy of books by Stephen R Donaldson.  They were great.  I loved them.  So you can imagine how thrilled I was to learn that there would be a second trilogy.  I immediately bought the first book in the trilogy when it was published.  Unfortunately, unlike the first trilogy, the second trilogy was one continuous story and so the ending of the first book was a cliff-hanger.  It drove me nuts, waiting for that second book to come out and then to repeat the whole process for the third book.

(If you don't understand what I mean and you have read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, the former trilogy could stand alone, as does The Hobbit while TLotR is really one single ongoing story.  Likewise, The Hunger Games can and does stand alone but Catching Fire clearly has a cliff-hanger ending that leads immediately into Mockingjay.)

Way back then I swore I would never ever put myself through that again.

Then came Rob with Harry Potter and I suffered years of agony waiting for that seventh book, snatching up book 5 and 6 as soon as they were released.  (Yes, I went to the midnight releases for these things, pre-ordering them from my local bookstore.)

But this is why I started the Wheel of Time books and stopped reading them.  Not because I wasn’t enjoying them because I really was.  No. I simply found I was reading them too fast or they were not being published fast enough.  Either way, I figured the best thing to do was to stop myself before I read any further.  I’m probably going to start rereading them soon, when I have more free time to read.  

All of this is leading up to what Rob did to me yesterday on my birthday because there was this box sitting on the kitchen table when I came out of my office to take a shower.  I opened it and there they were . . .  books 1 through 4 of The Song of Ice and Fire series by George R R MartinDidn’t I just blog about how I was going to resist the urge to read thefourth book?  Do you know how much harder that will be now that I have a copy of my very own that I can read whenever I please?  How could he do this to me?

And it gets worse because, as many of you probably know, the series is still being written and published.  So far only five of the books have been published and the sixth (out of seven) is being written.  Which is why I stood there so excited, literally caressing the boxed set of books and looked at him, demanding to know, “How could you do this to me again?” 

“I didn’t do it again. See? I gave you books 1, 2, 3, and 4.  Not just the fourth book.  You don't have to buy the first three books.  I already gave them to you.  This is nothing like Harry Potter.”

I exploded in laughter and told him I love him and I even managed to stop fondling the books long enough to give him a kiss and hug.

The bastard.  He can be such an imp at times.


  1. Oh, he is a seducer!! =) But you still can escape the fifth book quite sucessfully! =)

    1. He is. He really is. And he knew exactly what he was doing and how hard it was going to be for me not to read them.