Thursday, April 11, 2013

I Won't Give Up

I had thought I'd post a blog every day even if it were boring, focused on my studying or something.  (Did you know that there's a difference between how your medical bills are coded if you're on Medicaid than if you are just using regular health insurance or none at all?  Yep!  Exciting stuff, I know,)

I could even write about how I was almost hit by a driver backing up out of her driveway today while we were walking.  I could rant about how she said she has OCD and that's why she nearly ran me over. But this person says it so much better that I really have nothing to add.

I've been studying.  I've been exercising.  And I'm fighting my body and the weather.  But nothing will keep me from writing a blog post, even if it's pretty dull.  Go read that other blog post to which I've linked.  It's more interesting.

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