Sunday, April 07, 2013

The Post About My Birthday Celebration

My birthday was on a Thursday so we celebrated my 51st birthday on Easter Sunday, combining Easter egg hunts with birthday cake and pizzas.

Most importantly, we had a very special guest.  Before going through the rest of the post, you want to read about Flat Tyler.  You can find Flat Tyler here.

And now, with no further ado, my birthday . . . with all the trimmings.

Snowdoll was pretty excited.  She knew company was coming.

Romanov was curious but mostly because Snowdoll kept looking around.

Flat Tyler (FT) arrived just as I was getting ready to do my morning yoga.
So I shared one of my mats with him; he even let me take his picture
while he was doing this beautiful Tadasana.

After our morning yoga, we hid some eggs for Shira.
She did not know we had anything special planned for her.

I put her basket and a note in the bathroom where she couldn't possibly miss it.
And I put a note on for her to understand why the basket was there.

FT then helped me set up Bibi's Easter gifts.

Once we were done hiding eggs for Shira, we shared a simple breakfast.
A couple of eggs, some toast, a couple of slices of bacon, and coffee.

Somehow Shira missed the basket in the bathroom but she was soon opening the eggs
FT and I had hidden around the house for her.  
He seems to be enjoying her opening the eggs almost as much as she.

FT was keeping count of how many eggs Shira had.
I lost count and it's a good thing he was paying attention because
she missed a few so we had to point out the ones she'd missed.

Then we had to hide the eggs for Bibi.
Good thing FT was here to help because we had a lot of eggs
to scatter around the house.  

We definitely found some creative locations
for Bibi's eggs.  

Once again, Snowdoll knew something was happening
and she was ready to say hello.

FT and I stood back as Rob and the dogs
went to say hello to Joe & Co when they came.

Me and Bibi, enchanted by all the things on the kitchen table.
That big sheep was the favorite, I think.  
But we didn't wait long to start the egg hunt.

The weather had been rainy for hours so we were forced
to do it inside.  This didn't keep Bibi from having fun.

FT became a bit camera shy but he watched
as Bibi began opening her eggs to reveal what was inside.

We were all pretty hungry.
FT was surprised that we had pizza for Easter
but it was also my birthday and we always have pizza on birthdays!
We had a white sauce with sausage with spinach.
And a veggie pizza.
And a cheese pizza.
Okay.  We had two cheese pizzas.

Bibi liked the cheese pizza better this time. 
Last time she preferred to have Little Caesar's to Pop-Popt's pizza.

After the pizza, FT and I went to see the lizards that hang around the house.
We also saw some squirrels and a chipmunk.  

We did not see any rabbits and FT had to take my word for it when I said
I sometimes see as many as four in our backyard nibbling the clover.

FT said something that Bibi found funny.  
I missed it. I was busy trying to figure out what Snowdoll was watching.

And then it was time for cake and ice cream. 
Vanilla cake with whipped cream filled with chocolate ganache.
FT was surprised when I told him that it was all sugar-free!

The cake was decorated with edible gold stars and gold dust.
We served it with a custard based vanilla ice cream and a rosewater ice cream.
Need I say, both were sugar-free?

We all had a wonderful time.
And we were exhausted from all the fun.
So hugs all around and a few birthday wishes
before we said good-bye.

I think FT had a good time.

I know we had a great one and we were glad to share it.


  1. What a lovely birthday and Easter post!!

    1. Thank you so much Suko. We really had a lot of fun and I'm glad we were able to share it with lots of pictures. There were actually a lot more but I had to cherry pick for my sanity's sake.

  2. Replies
    1. You weren't here so we had to do something. But you'll be here for Mother's Day (I hope). You're certainly invited to be here anyway.