Monday, April 15, 2013

When a Woman Grieves

Just last week I shared a post about what happens on social networking when a woman has a birthday.  I honestly wasn’t surprised although I think that given my advanced age I had hoped I was beyond being attractive to perverts. 

But birthdays are not the only event viewed as an open invitation to creepy people.  While I was posting about Romanov, about his surgery and his pain and hopeless/helpless feeling of it all, I had the “pleasure” of being accosted by men I don’t even know.

Send me pics and video.  I want to see more.

Okay.  Sure.  Maybe he wanted to see more photos of Romanov.  And who wouldn’t?  He’s a beautiful dog.  But I think it’s safe to say that is now what this person was after and I just stared at the screen, trying to comprehend.

What type of person thinks it is appropriate to suggest he had something special he wanted to show me and I should meet him in a chat when I am sitting here trying not to sob for just five minutes more?
I can only assume that where there is any vulnerability some people will see a means to have their own needs met.

But to be a bit more proactive, here is what I would say, in case you are one of those assholes who would ask:
Do I want to see your penis?
Do I want to show you my tits?
Do I want to talk to you about sex?
Hell NO!
Do I want to see you eat shit and ide?
But catch me a week from now becauseI may be feeling less sad, perhaps even more magnanimous.  By then I’ll probably only want you to fuck off and die.

Since I’m being preemptive, please, dear jerks, do the same.


  1. I'm sorry people are so awful. The internet is not a nice place and has tons of rude strangers and creeps. It will always boggle my mind that people can't think beyond their own pointless lives to see that there are more important things than what they have going on.

  2. On what network were you accosted? On most popular networks there are ways to filter out the riffraff.

    1. So far the only one that hasn't been a problem ever is tumblr and/or pinterest. I figure one or both . . . it's just a matter of time.