Thursday, May 02, 2013

Trip North 2013: An Interlude

Before I can continue with the details of my trip, I have to back up a bit to my last visit because my mother surprised me with a few things on the last trip that rippled over into this one. My mother and Larry have a yoga teacher they adore and she introduced my mother to a Reiki Master who relieved her of the neuropathic pain with which she has been living for a decade. My mother started using EFT to help her deal with the pain and even scheduled some Reiki treatments for Larry, a bigger skeptic even than she.

On the same visit she gave me The Energy Medicine Kit which I took home. She had one of her own and I knew it had been recommended to her which was reason enough to share with me but, because of my experience with Reiki, she was especially interested in passing along something that might be of use and interest to me.

I eventually got around to watching the dvd in the kit, after reading the booklet. It took me a few days to get through the dvd, however, because I wasn’t experiencing anything. It was too easy for me to turn the dvd off, study some more, do some housework, etc. I followed along with the dvd. I thumped, tapped, massaged, and nothing remarkable occurred. Then I touched a point as instructed and I felt as if I had stuck a needle into myself deep enough to plunge into the muscle beneath. I had clearly found a place that needed attention, an acupressure point on my body I should massage.

There were others and I was so surprised, I invited all of the precious women in my life to come over one Saturday to do the dvd together. I invited Shira, Erin, Mary Emily, Kanika, Elenore. Erin and Elenore could not make it but the rest did and we all did it together but I don’t think anyone else found a place that was as tender as that one I pressed when I was doing it by myself.

Disappointing? A little. When I told my mother about the experience, she confessed she still hadn’t made time to watch the dvd. She’s busy, and I certainly understand how hard it is to make time to do things.

During my visit I found out why. The Reiki woman had done something that my mother felt was a betrayal of her yoga friend. The kit, for better or worse, was associated with that problematic dynamic. (Actually, it reminds me of a dynamic in which I favored one friend over another because the one friend called me crying and hurt by something the third friend had done. I let go of the friendship with the one friend and remained loyal to the one which, ironically, bit me in the ass when all was said and done. But I digress and I have too long a history of misplaced trust to digress further.)

That was last year.  The kit giving and sharing.

Earlier this year, my mother started talking about where we would go this year during my visit. We used to always go to the New Age Health Spa (a wonderful, magical place that has, unfortunately, gone out of business and is seeking a new buyer). Last year we went to Omega but our trip last year did not go as we had planned and I stayed at Omega while she flew to Arizona. There was a death in the family and she insisted I stay and enjoy myself while she went to be by the side of her brother who sadly died before she arrived. She was there, however, to console his widow, his daughters, to share stories of her brother with others who loved him dearly.

We definitely considered going to Omega again but she had heard good things from her yoga teacher about Kripalu. My mother suggested we consider both places.

I still haven’t received a catalog from Omega, months after my repeated requests for one but I finally received one from Kripalu and looked through the different choices, trying to find something I thought my mother and I would both enjoy, preferably something focused on Buddhism or compassion. There were some programs I thought would be interesting but they were more my cup of tea than hers. Other programs that were a perfect fit unfortunately fell on dates that conflicted with other things—like my anniversary or Larry’s birthday.

So imagine my surprise when my mother said we were going to see Donna Eden and her husband at Kripalu. She registered us, got us rooms, and even scheduled my flights. The choice was out of my hands. I was confused, although not averse, mostly because my mother seemed so disinterested in the kit. She even bought me a copy of Energy Medicine so we could read the book before the workshop. Naturally, I started reading, between studying and all the other things we had going on these past few weeks.

When I boarded the plane for New Jersey, I had not finished the book. Not too surprisingly, neither had my mother. We headed off to Kripalu with a bit of skepticism but a willingness to be open to learning something new.

I wanted to share this bit of background for context about the rest of our Kripalu experience. I’ll post more about that tomorrow morning.

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