Friday, May 03, 2013

Trip North Part Three

In a previous post, my mother and I had enjoyed dinner and heading to the first of the workshops and in a different post I shared how very skeptical my mother was going into this whole thing.  She later admitted she signed up for the workshop because she thought I would enjoy it and she was only “along for the ride.”  Frankly, she thinks it’s all woo woo.

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Nevertheless, we headed off to Donna Eden's Energy Medicine Workshop where she was presenting with her husband and she had several people with her who were trained in the work, women who could walk around and ensure that participants were placing there hands where they ought to be and not an inch too far.  Donna was so warm, her presence, her energy, filled the room.  Nonetheless, I was there unsure, unconvinced, waiting to see what the weekend held.

We weren’t the only skeptics in the audience.  Even when I watched the dvd, I was looking for “the trick” of what she was doing.  After all, a clever person can use physics and will know how to place a hand to push down an arm that previously could not be pushed down. All it takes is placing the hand an inch higher or angling the fingers a different way, right?

On the second day of the workshop, my skepticism completely flew out the window, as did my mother’s.

It began with a handout that explains some of the ideas that are more fully fleshed out in the book and even had copies of images from the cards included in the Energy Medicine Kit.  I had a question about one of the charts and how to best use one of the exercises. 

Donna Eden started to answer my question and then called me onto the stage.  Ironically, she did not answer my question.  Instead, she asked me a few questions, did a few energy tests on me, then had one of her helpers pull a chair up, told me to sit down and think of something that was upsetting me.

It wasn’t even a week since Romanov’s death.  I was not ready for this but I sat there.  She told me to ignore the audience and spoke as I thought about Romanov, about his dying, about the sound of his yelps of pain after he came home from the surgery, the way it felt to use the towel to heft him up so he could try to walk, where he was when he died, what his eyes looked like when his life was gone but he was still there.

She placed her hands on my head, her palms at my temples, fingertips across my forehead.  I sat there, eyes closed, and the tears slowly came and rolled down my cheeks, collecting in the corner of my mouth before overflowing beyond down my chin and over the cliff of my jaw.  She spoke and I breathed into the emotions.

Eventually my pulse had returned but was still weak.  She gave me a homework assignment, to hold myself at certain points which would help soothe the extreme emotions I was feeling.  She then gave me a hug.  A real hug.  Not a polite one but a holding embrace. 

I returned to my seat and you know what?  I still wasn’t convinced.  It wasn’t that her holding these particular points didn’t calm me.  I felt the energy moving into and through me.  I would.  I’ve always been sensitive to energy.

The afternoon session that Saturday included our pairing up.  Naturally my mother and I paired up.  She lay on the floor, on her stomach, while I did some energy work on her.  One of the things Donna had us do was move our hands in a particular motion.  I couldn’t help but feel the Reiki flowing and I adjusted the height and speed of my hands to see if I could feel something more deeply, something other than the Reiki (albeit, energy is energy and Reiki = Prana = Chi = et al).  Just when I reached a point and rhythm that felt right, my mother let out a sigh and said “My legs are beginning to tingle.”

I was not the least bit surprised.

Then she had the person on the floor turn over and we did a simple energy test. 

This is when my skepticism fell away altogether.  You see, my mother put her arm up and I tried to push down.  Then I was told, along with all of the others who were doing the energy work, to do something that seemed so inconsequential.  Then push the arm again and see what happens.  Now, if I suspected that there was a trick in hand placement, how could I explain what happened?  My mother’s arm went from strong to weak and then, after I did a few vague things, moving my hands as directed, her arm would not budge again. 

Ummm . . .  yeah.  Hard to think it’s a trick when you do it yourself and it works. 

That afternoon she was signing books and my mother and I were on line with practically everyone else to have our books signed.  Unfortunately, there were so many people there to have their books signed and she likes to spend time with each person and not merely slash her name across the page.  As a result, one of her helpers asked if those of us toward the end of the line, including myself and my mother, would mind coming back tomorrow morning.  My mother and I were both amenable and we spent the rest of the day, reading, enjoying another delicious meal (which included dessert!) and we then went our separate ways.  She went to bed, to read, while I went to an energy yoga practice class.

I finally had a good night’s sleep that night.  


  1. Very intriguing, Satia! I don't know a lot about energy medicine, but it sounds like it's worth learning about.

    1. Although all energy healing practices work with the same energy, whatever it is caused, some people respond to different ones more than others. My mother works well with tai chi while one of her friends has long practiced yoga. My aunt and I both do reiki so if you do look at energy work, realize that some people connect with it differently. Eden Energy works with acupressure, drawing on the tradition of ACM but it also uses the ideas drawn from Ayurveda and yoga. It takes honest, open exploration to find what forms of practice your body will respond to. I feel it when I do yoga, when I do qigong, and I felt it when I did Donna's exercises. Listen to your body. It knows and you'll know when you have found something to which it responds.