Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Crafting, Sketching, Exercising Satia

Now that I'm not studying, I've been trying to have some fun.  A while ago, I showed Rob a menu board idea that I thought was pretty cool.  Much to my surprise, he though tit was a good idea and, just before I took the exam, he bought the necessary frame.  All I needed to do is dig through my scrapbooking supplies and choose some papers, then cut them down to size.

I did that today.  Phase one is complete, although we may shuffle a few of the papers into different spaces.  Still, it is now ready for our finding a good pen for writing on glass.  In the upper left frame we'll put:  This Week's Menu.  Then each of the others will have a day of the week.  I chose the papers based on what colors are in the kitchen now (cabinet and floor) as well as the color we hope to paint the walls.

And then there was this post on Brenda Swanson's blog.  I shared  a link with both my google+ people and my facebook people.  Needless to say, on facebook nobody had much to say (I think maybe it got a like although I may be mistaken) but on g+ not only did people like the idea but, by the next morning, a community had been created.  I said I wouldn't join any communities because I didn't see any real purpose for it.  However, under the circumstances, I figured I should join this one and I did although I didn't contribute any sketches for a couple of days so while others will sharing their Day 3 sketches, I was sharing Day 1.

When Shira came over to celebrate Rob's birthday on Sunday, I'd asked her to let me borrow a book and the first assignment was to draw 30 cats from memory.  Only, I burned out on the idea before I reached 30.  I kinda blame my contact lens prescription which still is not right.  I'm using drugstore reading glasses to make it possible to read but they are not prescription and things look blurry.  This inability to see clearly was especially evident when I was trying to practice some calligraphy strokes.  I eventually gave up and just wrote whatever.  I'll keep practicing but, when I see my optometrist tomorrow, I'm going to ask for far-vision lenses and a prescription for reading glasses.  I'm tired of trying to find a pair of contact lenses that will allow me to do both.

I'm especially tired of the headaches I get because I am constantly straining to see things.

All of this to say that I'm having fun. I am challenging myself to do a sketch of some sort every day.  I don't know if I'll hold onto Shira's book for the entire time.  I decided that, for the first few weeks, I would shuffle through various books.  After all, I have several choices, many books on drawing and creativity, from which to choose. I don't have to commit to any one right away.  So I'll dabble in different ones over the next few weeks and see which, if any, clicks for me.

Do I really need to mention that I'll be writing reviews of the different books?  Probably not but, since I've already written it out, it's too late to reconsider.  (Okay.  Yeah.  I could delete and start over but I'm on a roll here.)

In addition to the fun I'm having with sketching and crafting, I'm also exercising almost every day.  Not Sunday, however.  I took it off because Rob and I had been out late the night before and my body simply would not cooperate as I tried to move from one activity to another.  It was enough to bake a cake for our company and enjoy my husband's birthday.  We had a lovely time with my daughter, Chris, and Fokes.

So one day last week I didn't exercise. Otherwise, I was every day doing my morning yoga, taking Snowdoll for a walk, doing cardio and/or strength training with the 10 Minute Trainer, using Leslie Sansone's walking dvds (review coming!), and using the bike.  I continue to believe weight loss is possible even if it is not evident.

What makes this most remarkable is that Rob has not been exercising with me because he hurt himself when he was rescuing Snowdoll from being attacked.  That I've managed to be motivated and stay motivated completely independent from him . . . well, that's unusual.  Don't get me wrong.  I'll happily do the things I genuinely like doing, like yoga, but, when it comes to strength training, I'm less enthusiastic and often find reasons to not pull my weight.

So I'm patting myself on the back for being disciplined and rewarding myself with a little fun.  Speaking of which, I'm off to do today's sketch.  I wonder what the book I'm using today will have me do.  I can't wait to find out.


  1. Yay for lots of drawing and exercise to relax. Hope Rob is feeling better soon!

    1. I hope he is pain free soon. He's been doing a little better every day. That's something.