Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Energy Medicine With Me and Mine

I’ve written about my trip to Kripalu and the workshop mymother and I took with Donna Eden.  At the end of the workshop, it was recommended to all participants to keep doing the 5 Daily Exercises Routine and, for those interested in doing a study group, to buy the Energy Medicine:  The Essential Techniques.  My mother and I both jumped at the chance to do a study group and knew we would invite Shira, my daughter, and Erin, my daughter-in-law, to join us.  Shira, unfortunately, is in the midst of Con-Season and too overwhelmed with commissions and preparation to join us this time.  Erin, on the other hand, was interested. 

Starting this week, we are all reading through Energy Medicine and, towards the end of the month, we’ll be watching the first of the three dvds in the set.  That’s the plan, anyway. I’m assuming that life will get in the way of our progressing, that we’ll be blind-sided or surprised in some manner.  Nonetheless, here is the schedule, as we have outlined it.

(I’m pretty excited about all of this so, odds are, I’ll be blogging about it here and there.)

·         Rewatch EnergyMedicine Kit dvd
·         Commit to doing the 5 Minutes Routine every day
·         Read Part One in Energy Medicine
o   Chapter 1:  Energy is All There Is
o   Chapter 2:  Energy Testing
o   Chapter 3:  Keeping Your Energies Humming
                Energy Testing
                Daily Energy Routine
                Neurolymphatic Reflex Points
                Neurovascular Points
                The Aura
                Energy Cross-Overs
                Tracing the Meridians

July & August
·         Read Part Two of Energy Medicine
o   Chapter 4:  The Meridians
o   Chapter 5:  The Chakras
o   Chapter 6:  Aura, Electrics, Celtic Weave, and Basic Grid
o   Chapter 7:  The Five Rhythms
o   Chapter 8:  Triple Warmer and the Radiant Circuits
August 26-28 Watch Energy Medicine:  The EssentialTechniques Disc Two
                Alarm Points
                Rebalancing the Meridian
                Connecting Homolateral Energies
                The Ileocecal Valve
                The Diaphragm
                Nuances of Energy Testing
                Surrogate Testing
                The Immune System

·         Read Part Three of Energy Medicine
o   Chapter 9:  Illness
o   Chapter 10:  Pain
o   Chapter 11:  Swimming in Electromagnetic Currents
o   Chapter 12:  Setting Your Habit Field for Optimum Health and Performance
September 30-October 2 Watch Energy Medicine:  The Essential Techniques Disc Three
                The Chakras
                The Five Rhythms
                Energy Techniques for Reducing Pain
                Relief from Tension Headache
                Eye Patter Reprogramming for Releasing Stored Stress
                Healing the Eyes
                Tapping Fear Out of Your Body
                Tapping Joy Into Your Body
                Reprogramming Your Physical and Emotional Habits
                Closing Comments

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