Friday, June 28, 2013

I Passed the CPC Exam!

I passed the CPC exam and I know it is due, in no small part, to Laureen Jandroep's Medical Coding Certification Review Blitz.  If not for her videos, I would never have passe the exam this time nor would I have gone to it with more confidence than I had the first time I took the exam.  The AAPC online course prepared me to code but Laureen Jandroep taught me how to take the exam and how to best find the codes in the coding books.

Today begins a weekend of celebration and then I have to get back to business, roll up my sleeves and see what I can accomplish in the coming days and weeks.


  1. Congrats! I knew you would succeed this time! :) To find an approach that really suits you and helps you is the most important. So good luck with your career now that you have new prospects! :)

    1. I am going to update my resume and begin the next stage of aggressive job searching. Yay!

  2. Congratulations. That is awesome news.