Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Person Rob Is--Happy Birthday to Him

A few weeks ago Rob had an experience while walking Snowdoll without me.  While passing a neighbor’s home, a small brown dog came running out to say hello, tail wagging.  We had noticed this little brown dog and its white partner barking at us behind the fence and commented that the brown one, who liked to jump up as it barked, we were convinced that the brown one would one day jump the fence.  So clearly, on this walk without me, the little brown one got enough height to get some freedom. 

Rob returned the brown puppy back to its white partner and completed his walk with Snowdoll. 

A couple of weeks ago, we were both out walking with Snowdoll and, up ahead, we saw a woman and her son walking a white dog and a brown dog.  Rob thought it might be the same brown dog but we were still too far away to know for certain.  When we were closer, he was able to confirm that it was indeed the same brown dog that was all waggy tail and puppy kisses when Rob picked it up and returned it to the fenced in yard where it belonged.

So you can imagine our shock these two seemingly innocent and friendly dogs started aggressively barking, jerking on their leashes.  Snowdoll still thought the two wanted to play and we were trying to walk past as quickly as we could because we all know how hard it is to keep a dog under control when it is on a leash.

That is when all hell broke loose which is to say first one of their dogs broke free and then the other.  And both of them started to attack Snowdoll who, needless to say, tried to protect herself.  The woman was desperately trying to grab one of her dogs while her son wisely stayed back.  I was focused on trying to get ahold of Snowdoll while Rob tried to grab the other dog. 

It was frightening.  The poor woman was sobbing as we managed to get Snowdoll away from her two attackers. I quickly checked to make sure she wasn’t hurt.  (And, of course, she immediately threw herself onto her back to have her belly rubbed because she was all ears-down thinking she’d done something wrong.)  It wasn’t until later that day we noticed she had a cut on her ear but it wasn’t too bad.  I cleaned it with a little saline and didn’t worry about it.

We didn't even tell the neighbor about it.
I was very shook up when we came home and Rob was no less upset.  He had such a hard time pulling one dog off that he had fallen onto his elbow and back.  But that was not uppermost on his mind.  After assuring ourselves that Snowdoll was fine, he said he wanted to go check on our neighbor and make sure she was okay and that he hadn’t hurt their dogs while trying to pull them off.

Is this not the sweetest man?  I mean, here we are the victims of an attack and he’s worried that he may have hurt one of the dogs and also wanted to make sure that the woman wasn’t too upset, to let her know we understand it was just an unfortunate experience for one and all, and there was absolutely no ill will.

Anyway, that says a lot about Rob and his character and yesterday was his 42nd birthday.  So I thought I’d share a story that celebrates the person Rob is because he deserves this and so much more.

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