Sunday, July 07, 2013

Poison, Overdose, Attacks--What a Week!

This has been a gloomy weather week.  At first, it was rather lovely, a break from the glaring heat of summer sun.  However, by day three it began to feel maybe a little oppressive and even the most stalwart of my people were muttering.   It looks like it will be lasting, this miserable weather, for a while. 

We had some unnecessary excitement this week.  I was taking my daily dose of vitamins, including a couple of ibuprofen when I realized I forgot to pour myself a drink.  I did that and decided I wanted to have some nuts as well.  Then I couldn’t find my pills.  Where were they?  What had I done with them?  Eventually I realized that maybe Snowdoll had eaten them and that’s when I panicked.  I called our vet and got the answering service that suggested an emergency number which I then called and told them that my dog had taken 2 ibuprofen and . . . yes, I’ll hold.

Snowdoll is fine, before there is any real concern or fear.  But we had to induce vomiting to ensure her well-being.  It wasn’t difficult.  However, the stress and anxiety left me exhausted.  Luckily, it was after dinner and I was able to go to bed once I knew she was well and truly okay.

The next night Rob took his usual amount of insulin but, as anyone who is insulin dependent can tell you, sometimes the normal amount can be too much.  Rob’s glucose levels plummeted to 26 and we were scrambling to get enough sugar in him to keep his numbers from falling any lower. 

In case you don’t know, extremely low glucose can result in all sorts of “fun” things like seizures, coma, and even death.

He survived.  We survived.  But that was two days in a row and the next day I told Rob, “No excitement tonight.  I nearly killed Snowdoll.  You nearly killed yourself.  Tonight, let’s just not have any excitement.”

We had none.  No excitement.  None whatsoever.  Whew!

The rest of the week has been my exercising and doing laundry, taking Snowdoll for walks, and applying for jobs.  Now that I have my certification, I am able to apply for different opportunities only, so far, every one I’ve seen listed requires experience and, until I get my foot in the door, practical experience is not something I can offer.  I have office experience—general administrative assistant experience.  Now I just need to get into a doctor’s office so I can start using this certification, even if it is only as a back-up to the person who does it full time.  I created a new place to track my applications and interviews and such in the sidebar so if you want to see my progress, you can look there. 

In the midst of all that I finished and wrote two book reviews.  One for Mindfulness Yoga and the other for two novellas Chéri and The Last of Chéri. It isn’t often I get to praise books back-to-back like this so it was a pleasure to write two book reviews of praise.  Trust me, it probably isn’t going to happen again next week.  If you’re curious about what I’m reading now, I’m going to add images with links to some of the books I have on my currently-reading pile.  Look for book reviews to come, some sooner than others.

This promises to be a full week.  Forget that Rob’s family is going to be in town and Rob is getting a new tattoo as a birthday present from someone who loves him almost as much as I.  None of that is as exciting as the weather which has been rainy and gloomy all week long.  Every day.  Rain and more rain.  And, according to the weather, it will be like this all week long. 

Because of the weather, I have been taking Snowdoll out for a walk as soon as it gets light, even if it is lightly drizzling.  Yes, before I even have my morning coffee!  And, if this morning is any indication, we really are in for a full week because Snowdoll was attacked again by the same brown dog that injured her ear a few weeks ago.   We were walking along and here he came running out, his leash still on his collar.  My guess is that the owner lost control of him or something.  So I am standing there and my first instinct is to get control of Snowdoll’s leash and then, as the brown dog grabs Snowdoll, I grabbed his collar.  By some miracle I managed to get them both to calm down and that probably had to do as much with my knowing I needed to stay calm if I hoped to get control of the situation. 

But then what?  I was standing there, holding Snowdoll’s leash in one hand and this dog’s collar in the other.  I called out, “Hello!” because we were standing, the three of us, outside of the brown dog’s home.  I could see a vehicle in the driveway.  I knew someone was home.  Surely they had heard the attack because goodness knows Snowdoll has an ear piercing shriek that can probably be heard for miles.  Just as I was trying to figure out what to do, up pulls a second vehicle and it is the man, who immediately jumped out of his vehicle and rescued me.  Snowdoll was understandably freaked out but, all in all, it went well.  He apologized.  I have mud all over one of my socks. 

The thing is, as soon as I had the dog under control he seemed to calm down a bit.  He clearly wanted to make me happy.  He has a sweetness about him.  So why is he so damned aggressive and wanting to attack our dog?  Ugh.  It reinforces my thought that if they put a muzzle on him he may end up being less dangerous.  I hate muzzles but I would hate it much more if this poor dog had to be put down because he keeps attacking other dogs. 

Then again, I hate not feeling safe walking around my own neighborhood with Snowdoll and it really is getting harder and harder to do so.


  1. It seems Ive been missing a lot while I have been wrapped up in my text books. Luckily, the summer is nearly over and I can take the next few weeks to catch up. Glad Snowdoll is okay and that Rob is as well.

    1. I shake my fist at studying and schoolbooks. (You know, now that I am not studying for the certification exam, I am blogging again. Hence, the "a lot" you've been missing.)

      And I'm glad too. Glad that summer shall soon set you free and that everyone here is well. :)