Sunday, August 04, 2013

Death, Diagnosis of Cancer, Domicile Issues, and Dental Appointments

Bubbles with PopPop (aka Rob).
You can see him standing in the shade
of our fig tree.
Life happens and this is a week where life happened to some of the people we love. 

Of the least significance, Rob and I had a back-to-back dental appointment on Wednesday.  However, for whatever reason, when I made the appointment the woman who made it didn’t bother to check where we typically go for our dental appointments and I was not aware that they have more than one office.  So imagine our surprise when Rob and I sat there for an hour wondering when/if the office would open and . . .

Bibi spilled something on her dress
so I put her in a t-shirt her daddy
left here when he moved out.
We were fortunate enough to reschedule for Friday and went in for our teeth cleanings.  When did they become so painful?  I don’t remember teeth cleaning being painful.  Even Rob, who has had tattoos and piercings and never ever complained about the pain, said he wanted to hit the dental hygienist.  Both of us were experiencing pain the next day. 

And I have to get a tooth extraction.  If the least painful thing was so hurtful, I can only imagine what’s to come.  I hate going to see a dentist.

But that is truly the least significant experience of the week.

As the blog post title suggests there were other things.  My daughter’s friend’s mother died in a freak accident.  My daughter says that the mother was an awesome woman and, having met the daughter, I do not find this surprising. 

While Bibi was here,
a Cooper's Hawk lingered
on the corner of our shed.
I prefer not to write about the accident.  It reminded me of a television show I find morally offensive, even vulgar, called 1000 Ways to Die.  I suppose such things are entertaining to some but I cannot help but think about the family members of those people who are featured and it all makes me sick. 

Later in the week, Rob received a call from his brother.  Their dog, a family member for over a decade, has cancer.  It’s gone too far, inoperable, and now my in-laws have to make a decision, one that Rob and I were thankfully spared.  Of course, this knowledge stirred up a lot of emotions for both of us and we know how painfulsuch a loss can be.

The week ended with both of my sons announcing a need to relocate.  One said his rent would be increasing exponentially so he was looking for a new place to live.  The other found out the hard way—his rented home has been put up for sale. 

And apparently chipmunks can
climb fig trees.
Not the best way to find out that you need to move and the landlords still haven’t said anything to anyone that they are planning on selling the house so it can only be assumed that the plan is to blindside them all.

So life happens and the week was spent trying to be present for those we love.  Rob for his brother.  Me for my children.  We did have some fun with Bibi this week, with plans to have more soon.  In fact, we will see her tomorrow.  And I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but lately my life has been alliterative.  I’m not sure how long I can keep this up so please try not to be too disappointed if next week or sometime thereafter you find my not being clever with my blog post titles.  There’s only so much I can do.  

We hardly ever take Bibi out for fast food
but we took her to Burger King where their
ice cream maker was not working.
Bibi has been commenting on the empty fish tank
Rob has in the living room so, during her visit,
she helped him clean out the tank and, on Saturday,
he bought some fish for the tank.
Bibi is going to be so surprised!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter's friend's mother. So sad indeed. I'm also sorry to hear about Rob's brother's dog :( I hope next week is better my friend.

    1. It has been a more normal week than last week. I was forced to take care of myself after being so attuned to taking care of others.