Saturday, August 03, 2013

Something About Affirmations

During our trip to Kripalu earlier this year, my mother and I faced a few things that we call BS and simply too woo-woo.  The fact is, I live in my skepticism, doing things I cannot and never will be able to rationally explain but have come to accept on faith, as it were, because my experience says that there is something there, even though I can’t explain what “it” is or how “it” works.  I remember when acupuncture was considered ridiculous by Western medicine and now some insurance companies are actually covering it because what was once labeled as false medicine has been proven to be effective.  In other words, I’ve lived long enough to see science catch up with so many personal experiences.

Don’t get me wrong.  I get turned off by those who set too much store by experience.  I don’t have the patience to debate the veracity of someone else’s reality any more than I have the energy to defend my own.  I don’t know that everything needs to be explained.  Or maybe I’ve come to appreciate that what can’t be explained today may make perfect sense tomorrow.

And this brings me back to Kripalu and my mother where we went to a workshop on affirmations.  My mother used affirmations when she was facing cancer for the umpteenth time.  She hasn't used affirmations since.  She likely gives credit for her recovery where credit is mostly due—chemotherapy, radiation, diet, etc.  When we went to the workshop it was out of curiosity.  Although I've read about affirmations, I haven't had any experience with using them.  My problem is that I can’t seem to find a way to incorporate it into my daily routine.   After the workshop, I really wanted to find ways to make room for affirmations.  (In case you are curious, my affirmation had a lot do with change and acceptance, rooted in the grief I was experiencing at the time over Romanov’s death.)

But how? 

Another part of our Kripalu experience fell into the “woo-woo” side of things when we participated in Donna Eden’s weekend workshop.  Now, I’ve already written about how great it was and how my mother and I both left as Eden Energy Medicine converts.  One of the things she asks the participants to do is a short 5 Minute Energy Routine and part of the routine includes something that allows for using affirmations along with everything else.  So that’s one easy-peasy way for me to get affirmations into my daily life.

Except I haven’t.  I’ve been home now for over two months and I keep thinking, “I need to find some affirmations to use.”  I keep reminding myself to do this but then I get caught up in other things.  Albeit, studying for the medical coding certification exam did take precedence over all else.  Still, I took the exam and between then and now I still haven’t really committed to incorporating affirmations into my life.

toilet paper book--The possibilities for this are endless, obviously.  Here it is used with colors and color tabs.  What about shapes?  Numbers?  This could be a learning resource as well as fun and simple craft.  An older sibling could make this for a younger one.  Perfect!Meanwhile over on Pinterest, I had pinned this simple craft project, making a book using toilet paper rolls.  Cute project.  Nothing remarkable really but I had a feeling that someday I’d think of a project that would be a perfect fit.  Of course, you dear reader, in the context of this blog post, you’ve probably figured out how the two merge into one.  I can even put more than one affirmation in each “page” if I like. 

Now I just need to choose a few affirmations.  The one I created for the workshop is a natural first choice.  I have other resources and I’m sure I can find a few others that feel like a good fit for me, for my life, for my needs.  It’s a matter of my sitting down, of making choices, of finding time.  But finding time is something that simply does not happen.  I’ll need to make time and make choices and make myself sit down and make it happen.

I’ll keep you posted (by which I mean, I’ll be posting my progress in my blog). 

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