Sunday, August 11, 2013

Word of Advice: Don't Step on Bees

This week was wonderfully banal.

On Monday, Rob and I met with Joe & Co for kindergarten orientation.  We met her teacher, the para-teacher, saw her classroom, some of the classroom materials, and there were all these wonderful things that were familiar for Bibi because we’ve been investing in random things that I know will be useful to her personal development.  Books, obviously.  But other things like lace-up cards, math manipulatives, etc.  Asked a few questions about school supplies, homework, and Bibi was as happy as happy could be. 

When we were home, we had a quick dinner and afterwards I went out to pick some figs.  I did not, however, put on any shoes so, when I stepped on a bee, the inevitable happened.  I was stung by a bee.  This was my first time being stung, ever.  There was no telling how I would react.  I am happy to say that I am not allergic to bee stings.  Yaaaaay!  But holy crap, bee stings hurt!  I hope it never happens again.  And I lost a day of doing much of anything because the bee stung me on the bottom of one of my toes.  I had to walk with my foot twisted so my toe wouldn’t touch the floor. 

With a balance disorder.

Talk about challenging!

But that pain lasted only one day and tried to catch up with everything which inevitably led to my hurting myself in a whole new way.  I really need to be more gentle with myself.  My knee was troubling me.  Is troubling me.  I haven’t been able to do my sun salutations.  The biggest thing was that I couldn’t do my plank challenge.  After all, my toe can’t contact the ground.  How am I going to do a plank? 

Enter Rob, with his brilliant suggestion that I do a reverse plank.  I couldn’t hold it as long as I have been the regular plank but I did it and so the August challenge holds.  Hold is the key word here because I’m holding steady at 1:30 minutes.  I can’t do more.  Yet.  I figure if last month I could go from not being able to land my left foot between my hands during my sun salutations, I am sure that I’ll have a surprising breath-through if I just don’t give up.  And I won’t. 

This week . . . Oh it’s going to be dull.  Rob is heading out of town and I’ll be home alone.  Snowdoll and I will go out for our morning walks.  I’ll read.  I’ll be eating foods I enjoy (tofu, spinach, ginger) and eating leftovers.  I may take advantage of the solitude to focus on some meditating and reading.  I may do some crafting.  It really depends.  Today I’ll be making a list of things I hope to accomplish so I can prioritize what is most important.   

Or maybe I’ll just sleep in and watch boring television shows.  I could do that just as easily.  


  1. Just started following your blog. All the best for the job hunt. I'm doing the same!